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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So. Hundred Things Challenge.
I too, would like to participate in this,
since my posting rate is very sad these days.
Of course, just need to pick a topic or two, now. Hrm.

I started brainstorming a list:

100 Cool Things I've collected over the years (picture-happy)
100 Random Memories I have
100 Things I dwell on
100 Things I like/make me happy
100 words i've made up
100 ways working in a library wasn't all it was cracked up to be
100 things I should probably say to a therapist, but won't
100 things that make me think things might actually be alright
100 reasons I love my cats
100 things that make me cry
100 things I admire in other people
100 things I want to change in my life
100 tv episodes/shows, movies, songs or books I deeply love
100 quotes I like to use

I was planning to do a photo series of dolls anyways,
so that could kill two birds with one stone.
Won't get my light tent until my birthday, though.
A/C's set to be fixed tomorrow, so once that stressor's off my mind,
hopefully I can decide on something!
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