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Cross-posting this from Facebook in case others here are interested! I was doing good at resisting until they added him. ;_;

I try not to push my Scentsy stuff on people, but they are having a REALLY good sale!! The large Scentsy Buddies are Buy One Get One Free! These are adorable stuffed animals that come with a Scent Pak that you can put inside for display or cuddling. They make GREAT gifts with the holidays coming up and any expecting arrivals for friends and family. Here's the page for more information:

But what I'm really excited about is that Pooki the Polar Bear is now available as part of this offer in place of Wellington the Duck. They are $25, so with the BOGO that's just $12.50 a piece! A Scent Pak alone is $7 so this is a great deal. They've been changing what's included, so if you're interested, I would order soon before they change it again. Here's my website to order from. ;)

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