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First off: 100 Themes
I haven't seen anything from my other two buds in this, so can I infer that I'm not the only one that got bogged down this month? If not and you guys have been waiting on me, I'm really really sorry. *^^

I'm trying to (re)learn how to draw and paint. But I can't really do much with the living room a wreck and that's slow going. Working the weekend hasn't helped either since everything gets thrown off course. Mom got a new addition to her yard cats (currently there's Bon White, Domino, Tree Kitten and now Fluffy Meow Meow), who's bone thin and also pregnant. She's got giant snow feet though and a mountain cat face, so once she gets fed, I think she'll be really gorgeous. But Monday's going to involve working out vet schedules so we can get her fixed. Cause more kittens, we do not need.

Apparently there's some big doll convention in Albuquerque, but it's a mix bag of bjds, vinyl and baby dolls(?). And $300 with no discernable day pass. Thankfully, a coworker's already taken off part of that week so I have no choice in the matter, but DollPeddlar is hosting a bjd meetup on that Tuesday night and lo and behold, the two days I CAN get off that week are Tuesday and Wednesday! Score! So Mom and I are going to drive up and do some shopping and I'll finally be able to talk at people who aren't going to glaze over or recoil in fear. Although, I may be doing the recoiling, because the DoA thread is now talking about giant boy dolls getting married at the Sept meet. Including a Sabik. :( *sigh* Someone up there has a crapload of Soom MDs though, so that will be neat to see in person! I'm already trying to decide who all I should bring. ^_^ I already reserved the hotel room (2 beds!) so I can overbring and just keep the extra up in the room.

Still haven't seen a Sasha Moxie down here at any of the Big Three. So strange. Kmart did get in the black BFC Ink girl though, so it's not completely a race thing. They also got the big BFC Inks and Mom bought one. I didn't like the brunette, though she has the best clothes, but the blonde has a really nice face. That's the one Mom got since she looks like a hippie. No sign of the third girl (the black one, of course) though I'll probably get her if I can see her in person first. The clothes on her and the extra sets at walmart are kind of plain but I do like the argyle vest. They look like what I think the American Girl dolls should look like. To me, the AGs have always looked like 5 year olds, even though they're like 12 in the books, which has always put me off. These BFC ones also have jointed knees and torsos, but no arms, for god knows what reason, since that would have made them really awesome dolls. Guess you can't have everything though.

Waiting for Sept 1st to get my next bjd, Cookie. She's a yo-sd sized doll from a company that just made clothes so far as I can tell. But to start they're including the wig, eyes, faceup and oufit and Featherfall's having a free shipping sale as well AND they have her for $20 cheaper than Jpopdolls. Sweet. She's got freaky pupil-less eyes though which I'll have to change, probably to the werewolf eyes that Adam had on for that short while since they're both green. I think that's why puts me off of the Soom dolls, too, esp the tinies. They look so dead and creepy with the pupils gone.

Mom bought an external DVD burner, so I can start backing up the two hard drives on my desktop since I have no clue how much longer it's going to last and I very much don't want to lose all my photos. Each drive is like 300 gigs though, so this is going to take awhile, but...

Scribblenauts this month! Yay!! Only a couple more weeks! I even reserved this one, to get the chicken hat and cause I really really can not wait to play it. I very much hope it's going to be as cool as it looks on YouTube.

I guess that's about all that's going on for now. I'll probably be back with doll pics in a week or so when the shoes from Mimiwoo come in. And Sakana_Hime and Snarky_Imp, let me know what's going on with you guys and the 100 themes thing!
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Okay, next three random genned are:

63-Do Not Disturb
22-Mother Nature

Should we shoot for next Friday night again or Saturday since I was a day late in getting this up. :| Sorry, all.
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Yay, got them done! Not super thrilled with most of them, but this thing's to help practice, right? I need to return to pullips though, since I really suck at posing BJDs.

I really like what I've seen so far from everyone else! If you guys would, could you reply to this post with yours as well, so I can see them all together? Thanks!

The rest are under the cut! )

#34-Stars 100 Themes Project
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I'm doing random generator for the first four, but then I'll put the rest of the numbers in a humorous hat for the next draws!

And RANDOM.ORG has provided:
5-Seeking Solace

Nice fodder for emo poems, yes? If anybody else wants to participate too, feel free! Poems, comics, drawings, paintings, photos, collages, short stories...what else can you guys think of?
Should we just reply to this post with our works, or should I make seperate posts for each word? Or should I make one of those top-sticking posts just for putting replies with our pics in it?

Okay, Sunday night is our deadline!
Let's see what we can come up with!

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