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Feeling depressed lately, so I bought a few dolls to try and amend that. I was going to try and get the Snow White and Military Momokos, but SW I'd probably just leave stock and not play with her and Military I'm still hoping to get cheaper. But I joined the forum and someone posted a link to a store that was selling deboxed ones for 2500yen a piece. No boxes means EMS isn't very insane(they had boxed SW but the shipping became outrageous) so I ordered the 3 cheap ones they had left--Poodle Hair and Crazy Eyes for me and Boy Cut for my Mom as repayment for groceries. Funny how dolls have become a monetary system in my family now, lol. If any of you want the link for the shop, just let me know.

Man I'm more tired being able to sleep in than not. Been wondering about my future lately and asking myself if this is all there is for me. I'd always figured I'd have a husband and a couple kids, but I'm seriously doubting that and the prospect of dying the crazy old cat/doll lady becoming real rather than a running gag is really downheartening. I think when Robert's back at work I'm going to try and organize a bowling night for us and the younger staff members so at least I have some semblence of connections with other people.

The funeral Wednesday was.....Catholic. I was angry for the first half hour or so of it because there was NOTHING about the actual person!! Just recitations that had no meanings to anybody, no passion, no interpretations of how they applied to this situtation and when the priest finally did talk about him it was just self-serving about how he came back to the church at the end and that made everything all right. Well apparently not, since he died, so what does that say about your church?? The only personal stuff was by 2 of his nieces, so that's when I finally teared up and it was over far earlier than we had anticipated. I never even had to use my giant wad of kleenex stuffed in my pocket. I know the funeral is for the living, but man some personal touches would have gone a long way. When I die, even though there will probably not even be enough people to fill a bench, I at least want someone to talk about me even if it's bad stuff. :p Or hold the Amanda Davis Memorial Mario Party Tournament. Heh, that would be sweet.

And in related news, these are awesome:

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