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Oh, I love custom Vera even more than I thought now that I've had her outside and photographed her. The girl I bought her from did a fantastic job on the faceup. It looks better than some of the professional ones I have. And she made that dress herself!! The kimono, too! I got such a good deal on her. That wig she came with is blonde with streaks of really light lavender. She's just gorgeous all over. I wish I could come up with a name. I keep thinking of Amber or Topaz because of her eyes, but I don't really like those names...

Anyways, enough yapping, more pics! )
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I actually got out today to take some bjd pics. I'm not super happy though, since I had to rush to get to dinner and they just weren't cooperating. A re-stringing session is definately next on the agenda. I've gotten spoiled by Tessa!!

Adam: "This is the shot that's going to get me on the cover of GQ..."

GQ Ready

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The camera held out long enough at work for me to take some pics of...Gus. >_> Why can't I name my dolls?? Gah. Anyways, pics!!


"I can look just as cute as those Latis!"

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And another asthetical plea for help!
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Okay, I think I came to a decision. I'm going to buy Gabriel when my CC rolls around on the 21st. But I think I'm going to go ahead and order a cheapo Bobobie to tide me over in the meantime. Probably the MSD Sprite.

Don't worry, I've seen her look like less of a freakshow in owner pics. Or maybe one of the little niblet sprites. Or both? :D I'm so bad. But yeah as much as I lust (ew?) for Sabik, I decided it is best to at least have one bjd to test the waters before I commit $800 to one, even if I decide I do want him and have to wait a few more months for a re-release. Agh, but since I'm not getting him, I'm not sure if I should put the extra money into Gabriel (She'll be renamed Tessa, I think (omg, I actually have a name for one of my dolls!!)) to make her double-jointed. Oh and Angell-studio just announced two new 70cm boys with fangs!! Damn you bjds! They still look pretty angsty like all the other vamp molds out there though.

And Soom's dicking around with showing this month's Zodiac doll (Cancer). He's got freaking claws! I probably won't want to buy, but I'm curious to see! The aries chick was pretty awesome in a creepy sort of way. 

Oh and in semi-related news, I actually got a big box of crap together last night to sell! Video games, dvds, anime tapes...unfortunately most of it is going for pittance at the moment, so it will behoove me to wait til around christmas to try and unload it. Another reason to wait on Sabik, it will give me time to sell stuff and better justify the cost. I watn to get into the toy boxes though since that will clear out more room as well and I think yield higher returns. :D

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