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Well, the last post I think was just me being cranky from one of my sleep headaches and just happened to fall on val's so I was just pissed at everything as a whole. I did end up buying stuff that night...and the next night...and today. Yipes. Not to make myself feel better! They were actually really good deals! Well not the VGs, but the other suff!

So even though I felt crappy, I still went with Mom to Target since I had a 10% card burning a hole in my pocket and bought Twisted Metal: Head On for the PS2 and Karaoke Revolution: AI Encore for PS2 as well, since I had planned on buying them anyways.

Video game blather )

I slept a little bit thurs early thurs night since I knew an auction was ending at 11. And yay I won! It's a lot of Pinky St parts. Looks like complete sakura taisen and a few other pieces, but since I mainly just want to see what the fuss is about, I wasn't too concerned about choice. And someone did try to snipe me at the end, but haha, I was there too! Worked out to about $5 a pinky so I was cheered up after that.

More doll talk... )

Uh..and then Saturday night, I won another pinky on ebay. Single figure, but she's holding one of those cats I wanted, so I don't need to buy anymore...I think.

And today, I bought Alte even though I didn't plan on buying any more pullips until Cinna and Asuka in March. $65 fully stock including shipping though! I wanna give her blue eyes, maybe? She looks too much like Holly stock, but I guess I should leave one girl a brunette. I really dislike(hate tantus)the May releases, so I think unless JP ups their game, I'll just get a few of the older ones I want. Namely Nero, Nomado and Prunella. Maybe Sage.

Sorry to the friends who don't know what the hell I'm talking about in the last few paragraphs! If you want links or pics I'll happily provide them, but my guess is ya'll just glazed over and don't give a rat's ass! ;P

PS-This new Knight Rider is weirding me out and lead bitch is old and ugly.
Oh yeah, I also figured out after a season and a half that Torchwoord sucks. If any one shows up they're either going to make out with Jack, make out with female lead and die sadly. Every 5 eps, they'll make out with a different TW member. Seriously, isn't this what everyone makes fun of the first Star Trek for? And female lead is seriously unsympathetic trying to horndog on everyone while having a perfectly nice fiance at home. Hag.

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