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Yay, got all the dolls I was waiting for yesterday!


My new little Bobobie (the new one's in red). She looks so sad, but the price was right! She's got a real pointy nose and overbite though so I may try to sand that down a bit next time I'm messing with that stuff. I'm looking for a wig for her too, probably something more normal. I still need to get green fur for the fairy niblet, but at this point she's been bald so long, she might look weird *with* hair. Funny how they've both ended up with purple eyes.

Oh and I did manage to enter two of the DoA contests. The costume and the photo one, so if any of you are inclined, mine are the last two in each of them with the green-eyed brunette...hehe. I know I won't win (not even honorable mention in the puki one >_>) but at least I don't think I'm in the bottom either. IMO, though.

I got my Cherished Friends package too, with my 2 new Kickits. I was fixing to email them, but decided to give it a couple more days and then it showed up at dinner! Never got a ship notice or anything, but oh well. No pics of them, yet, but one was the Fao exclusive 200pieces that seemed to be disappearing so I'm glad I got her cheap and the last one too since she then vanished from the website, so I was getting worried that I had missed out.

And Mom is going to buy a big bobobie doll, so I offered to place the order since my tinies and semi-bigger tinies are in desperate need of shoes. I might buy either Isabella or one of the msds, too. I like Mei and she seems to come in limited quantities. Blarg, of course both have a Normal skin in stock so that means I can't narrow it down that way. I kinda want some badass dolls now too that I can punk up and make look evil. Oh yeah, my big boy doll needs some new eyes too, but I can't decide which color. Same for vampire girl...oh crap I still need to pay for NeoNoir too. I preordered Kaela pullip too, which I kind of regret, so I'm not so much into the pullips these days. I'm glad I didn't just impulsively do that anime set, though I might end up buying the butler guy after seeing owner's pics.

I finally watched a couple movies this weekend. I haven't watched movies in foreeeever. Danny got Iron Man for xmas, but I wasn't real impressed with it, but then I also wasn't paying close attention either. I finally watched Golden Compass too, which I LOVED only to find out the next 2 movies have been shelved. HELLA LAME!! It didn't even have a pseudo-ending! Don't make me read the books, guys! The talking animals were actually done really well, too. >_<

Gaming, I've been playing Rhapsody and Safari adventure picture taking on the Wii. It's fun to piss of nature and then run away like a wuss. I went to gamestop to try and partake of the buy2get1free and they are cleaned. out. Ditto for target on that bogo free imagine games thing. Mom was even going to buy Iron Chef on the ds and those were all gone too!! She's suddenly back on the Schleich wagon too, so I'm working on updating my database to see what animals I need to blow some money on. Target's clearancing out some, so I picked up the last Ibex and hoping more drop lower. (Schleich makes these realistic animals and now faeries and soldiers and stuff too. Some of the animals even*cough*)

I had forgotten that they had those Christmas peek-a-boo petites at Wal-mart so we didn't go on Friday night and they were long gone yesterday. Though they might've been before Christmas I'm still bummed I may have missed them on clearance. I did find...Taka from Tokyo though! Only one so I grabbed her, since I didn't know if I'd ever see her again. My grandma sent a giftcard so it was justified. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know that I spent it on a tiny $6 doll. *^^

Oh and in case you need some cuteness to get you to New Year's, here's the catfam all piled up on my bed!


From Left to Right around the back: Chiblet, Mr. Sad Eyes, Little Gray, Sita and Mama Sasha's in the middle. Aw!!
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Well, Christmas was pretty blase. It doesn't help that it doesn't even feel like winter, much less Christmastime. Right now it's 65 degrees with 50mph winds...some more. Fun. I want to wear my pretty long-sleeved shirts, dammit. :( It hasn't even been overcast at *all*. And don't think I haven't been taking note of those of you complaining about snow...*grumble* Oh wait, it's showing snow flurries for tonight...what the hell? I'll believe it when I see it.

Christmas Eve I got off early and hung out with Robert and Naomi til I went to my parents' for dinner and to spend the night. Took the Chiblet with me, and even though she was the one who did a lot of growling and hissing, it went well, though she woke me up early with kneading claws in the back of my head and getting in my face constantly. Dang gray cats have made her all needy. Her and Mishka didn't really get along, though, which made me sad.

Nothing really remarkable on the presents. The biggest items were the Vertigo Tarot set and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Also got the giant Hello Kitty gumball machine, 2 barbie fashion fever closets, African safari wii game, my Piers Anthony book, See's Candy, a couple $15 giftcards, $10 of lotto tickets on which I only got $1 back, a can of beef jerky and 3 black socks. My mom got me some tiny things for my dolls, too, like an olive fork and cheese grater. ^_^ Robert got me Rhapsody which I re-found yesterday and Naomi got me a talking Steve Irwin figure(it's still too soon...*sniff*) and some cute outfits for my dolls, so vampire girl(she so needs a name) has a nice holiday dress. It's nice how people have come to accept and support my crazy. :D

I took some pictures for the contest due tonight, but I'm not real pleased with any of them since there was an utter lack of Christmas around these parts. I'm still going to try a faceup tonight since I have til 1am to submit and Mom finished Tessa's winter dress, though I'm not sure how it's going to stack up against others since it's not real flamboyant or costumey and I have no idea how to style her as such. Though after spending time with my dolls she wants a big one of her own though she claims it's just to sew for, hehe. I'm keeping an eye out for a discount bobobie on the forums though, just in case. Oh, I've now been informed that she wants a "non-weirded out doll!!". So picky. :p

It sounds like we're one for Naomi and Robert to come over again tomorrow after Robert gets off work. That didn't work out so well. Man, where did the time go?? Sorry, Naomi, I was hoping we could've hung out more. Stupid work. :( Of course I'm off on Monday but that's a day too late. >_< And next Monday I begin my 6 month Jury Duty sentence. I still haven't figured out why I get 6 and the rest of the populace gets 3. And I'm still not sure if I want to be chosen for a case or not. :|

Oh and I got a card from my crazy Grandma who signs it "Love ya--Grandma Jean". Which doesn't sound bad, except that she never really has contact with us anyways, so...hell I don't even know. -_-
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Apparently winter in New Mexico consists of Summer, summer, summer, Hurricane, summer again. Seriously, we were in Penny's and I'm still in a tshirt cause it's sunny and hot today and then we come out and it's freaking 50mph winds and then out of each consecutive store, added rain, cold and other stuff until suddenly it's fine out again. Didn't even need a jacket when I got off work at 9pm. Crazyass desert.

Oh, Christmas cards!! Who wants? Might as well try to do those this year, since everyone else seems to be and if I add in my cybernetic friends I'll actually have enough on a list to make it worthwhile! Just leave a comment and I'll contact you to get an address if I don't have one already! And if I don't know you that well, that's okay too. I know I didn't respond to several calls since I felt bad since I don't talk to a lot of you outside of LJ, so if that's holding you back, dont' worry about it, cause I really don't have many to send to, so it will be making it worth my while if I have a batch of them to do. ;)

Anyhow, slowly getting Christmas shopping knocked out. I was hoping to get Robert a couple of the games he wanted, but they're still kinda pricey, so it looks like probably just one unless I can find good deals on ebay. I now have a price limit for Naomi so I'll start seriously looking for her. Mom's got 2 books on the way and the hardest one-my dad, is actually all bought for. Green Chile beer, Johnny cash cd and a signed Star Trek book. Oh, I bought Mom that Irish barbie too. Even though TRU pissed me off, the $25 coupon was too good a deal, so I bought her that and the two exclusive Heroes figures since they were on clearance and it got me to just about fifty even. I need to order her some knitting stuff now too. Possibly for my secret santa as well since I'd like to get her something cool and not just a gift basket from Sam's.

Do you know what sucks? BBCAmerica was advertising a new season of Kitchen Nightmares, but they're just showing the american ones!! WTF!! That's not a new season! It's not like it's even real BBC and new to the UK or something! False advertising!!

I'm trying reaaaally hard not to buy PukiPongPong until at least the New Year. I need to pay off NeoNoir before the 5th too. I'm not too happy with how the new bodies look, but hopefully I'll be surprised. She may be display-only anyways, I'm not too sure yet. Bah, I also want all those new ones from that one anime series with the butler guy. So that will be $300 in March?, so I don't think I'll be getting PukiChiChi unless I get nice tax money back or something. Oh, some Albuquerque Journal lady PMed me asking questions about BJDs to do a newspaper article on doll collectors in NM. I'll have to get back to her since her story actually checks out.

Model_me_pullip's starting up a Christmas contest...I'm debating if I should try again, just not even worry about it, or possibly be a judge instead...decisions, decisions...

I really want to enter the contests on DoA, but I'm running out of time. The Puki one is due the 14th and I still have no idea of a concept and will have to cross-dress him in kelly clothes. At least mom is working on wigs for him tonight, so he won't be a little baldy. There's a face painting one too and I have a blank sleeping face but I have no idea how to make it "wintery". At least the costume isn't until the 26th, but that will be mom's arena. And a generic winter photo on the 19th too, which I'd love to do, but unfortunately, all my bjd dolls are severely lacking in the warddrobe department. They're giving out heads as prizes though, so hell it's at least worth trying.

I took a few new pics of the bjd family since my boydoll has arrived!


More pics and doll crap under the cut! )
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