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I thought stress was supposed to age you, but I guess it youthens me?? Everyone at work today has called me "hun", "Sweetie", "Miss Amanda" or some other endearment. I don't mind since I've gotten it my whole life, but it just seems to be happening all over the place today. Weird.

I started my first LJ community!
They're my new doll fix for those of my friends not into that scene. All that's around is a yahoo message board where i have to tell why I want to join (duh, cause I like EW?) and some weird posty website thing, so I wanted something with easier access. Maybe just not that many people are into them, but I guess we'll see.

Gah, I need to buy the plane tickets for AZ. Now I'm worried that I'll buy too much stuff at the con and won't have time to mail it back since I'm flying out the day after. I worry so much about big things like this. Well, you guys know how much I spaz over the little stuff so this is always worse. At least I got the time off approved. I sent off my taxes, so hopefully by the time the CC rolls around I'll be close to getting the rebate.

Oh, the dumb moniker? Well that's for a couple reasons. One more greivous than the other. The first is cause I didn't buy the Sailor Moon boxsets when they were released and which have now vanished. I managed to pick up the S season in a lot on ebay last night for pretty cheap considering all the other stuff it comes with.
Who would've thought, though?? All the indiv ones just languish around. *sigh*

And the other is work-related. I hate buying books for my sections. So instead of doing it throughout the year, I save it all up for the very end. I think I stressed way more over the weekend than I needed to about it, but I still wonder what's wrong with me that I just procrastinate so bad on everything. See above re: plane ticket situation. There's other work stuff going on that's beyond my control though with the stupid designer people being all fucking lazy for a brochure we paid for and delaying the printers. This thing has been half-assed from the getgo so I hope we never use them again!!

In better news though, I won my Scorpio Zodiac doll on ebay!
I was going to try and buy her from another seller for $20 and I'm soooo glad I waited! All that's left is Sagitarius and Leo! Amazon has Sag, but I may have bought her and misplaced her so that's why I haven't gotten her yet. I don't think I've seen any Leos on ebay though, so she's going to be a tough one. I also won some clothes for Tatters and hopefully future Ellowynes to come.

I know, I know, con, saving money! I will!!

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