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Skull Shores Aquired!

Trolling stores FINALLY paid off! Of course probably spent more in gas than shipping would have cost *cough*, but there's just something special about finding them on the shelves, isn't there? This was all they had so I couldn't be choosey. My only issue is Abbey's fangs look hella weird, but I need to look around and see if that's the norm. Camera batteries just died so can't pic those just yet. I was really hoping for Sweet 1600 since I'm not super keen on swimsuit dolls, but Gil! More Abbey! Gorgeous Lagoona! So it'll do to bide the time. I'm just worried that if I see them at TRU in Albuquerque next week I'll be tempted to overpay for them intsead of waiting. And now CAM's already out?? Geez! Of course good old Target had put out a new case...of the very first line? And Ghoulia? I have no idea.

Oh and I don't think I ever got around to TORALEI! It was a weird twist of fate in that we went across the store to self-check after the long line at the garden center and mom called me over to look at some weird dolls in the holiday aisle and right between two of those all by her lonesome was Toralei! I was like OMG THAT'S THE ONE I WAS LOOKING FOR!! and mom was like "oh, that wasn't even the one I was pointing out." :P So kismet, karma, ka, whatever was in my favor!

And you may notice an extra Ghoulia. No, it wasn't just to wipe the case out and try to prompt them into actually keeping the shelves stocked. [ profile] jemmifire, she's yours if you still need her!


Aug. 21st, 2010 04:09 pm
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I'm so happy right now. I've been trying to buy W.I.T.C.H. dolls lately, which I was dumb and didn't pay much attention until it's like 4 years too late. >_> And rather than being unwanted, the few released here are hard to find and there's apparently been a ton of different lines released in Italy that I can't even keep track of, but of course are still hella hard to find and/or get for decent prices.

So I was trolling around google for the tenth time trying to come across a store or community and saw some stuff still listed on amazon UK. 20GBP for some of them, but a 3rd party seller had listed some used for 1-4GPB! I messaged her and she agreed to ship to me and so I bought all 16 that she had. An odd assortment and a few are missing pieces, but even with the outrageous shipping (still not final but hoping it's what she quoted me), they'll be about $7.50 each shipped. Squee! For some reason Amazon won't let them ship a lot of things overseas, so I had to list the travel channel's London address as my own. *cough*

So I'll hold off on my Muscara order. They currently have free shipping if you spend over 90 euros which I can do easily with 5 or 6 dolls from there. They have different ones that what I'll be getting so I'm really hoping that that's a permanent deal and not fleeting.

I think I need to do like the Little Apple Dolls as well and make my own guide for these since I'm having a hard time keeping track of all the lines and can't find more than a handful of fan sites. *sigh*

I've also got a YahooJapan box in the mail too. Lots of plushies, a few dolls, keychains and some other fun stuff. I marked that as my last one and have bought a couple things through ShoppingMallJapan to try them out, but they make it way more difficult to bid and pay and since they charged me 500yen to batch ship over for just a few figures, I'm not really seeing how that method is going to save me much more money than the EMS from Japan since I'll still have to pay domestic shipping, as well. Luckily I haven't seen too many auctions that I'm keen on lately, at least.

Argh, and I'm trying not to, but I really want to buy more cels. The one I have is just so neat in person and I've got another one waiting for me at home. The neat ones are hella pricey of course, but I want at least one epic battle or Saturn/Hotaru/ChibiChibi one. Or like this one!

That only comes to about $1600US. Not too bad right? Heh. That would be really awesome to own, though.

I want to take pics of all my stuff, but I lost my camera. :( I very very much hope it's just lost in my house since I have the case and don't think I would have taken it out w/out it, but honestly I can barely remember anything that happened in late June/July so I'm a skosh worried that it's forever lost. *sigh* And it just won't cool down so that I can feel like cleaning after work instead of passing out on the couch from just going outside to feed the cats! Grrr!

Anyhow, one last thing. I'm accumulating quite a bit of extra Sailor Moon merchandise, so if anyone here is interested or looking for something particular, let me know. I've got a whole slew of cards coming in, a couple sets of gashapon and some loose ones, probably extra bottle cap figures and possibly some dolls. I think I'll only part with those if friends want them though since I get too attached. :) I know for sure I've got an extra Pluto Dream Pocket in the box since I have her loose now and she's not my favorite enough to keep two of.
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My TV shelving has now taken a darker turn:

Little Apple Dolls

Got my Little Apple Dolls box yesterday and it's so awesome! I can't believe I almost didn't buy them. >_< Sooo glad I lucked out into that. I was watching one auction for a single one and then decided to search to see if she showed up cheaper and that lot had just been listed for $150 BIN w/ $15 shipping. It was more than I wanted to spend in one shot, but the overall savings was phenomenal. And it turns out there was actually 18 dolls in there so each one is only $9.16! One's a dupe too, so Mom's buying her off of me for that price. Didn't think she'd like them, but she has always judged the dolls more by their clothing than face.

They also came with all their books, apples and masks. Only one card, unfortunately, which is too bad since they have pretty pictures and I probably can't even download them somewhere considering how hard it's been just finding the dolls. Which I need to do again, because I have no idea which mask goes with which doll, so that's going to be another broody myssery to solve. Luckily there's only 9 and I've already tracked down 5 of them.

After unwrapping them and clearing a place, I just wanted to get them out of the box, so no individual pics at this point in time. If there's anybody you'd like to see more of, just let me know and I'll do a photoshoot since there's too many for me to choose from!

And now, Pics! )

So all I'm missing is the two from Series 5: Nix and Oscen and 4 of the limiteds: the Twins (which I can get for a pretty good price when the CC turns over), Solus and Praeses. If you guys see any of them, let me know, please! Since I'm so close at this point, I might as well try for them all, though I think the rest will be a bit difficult since the only one I've seen on ebay is Praeses.
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First off: 100 Themes
I haven't seen anything from my other two buds in this, so can I infer that I'm not the only one that got bogged down this month? If not and you guys have been waiting on me, I'm really really sorry. *^^

I'm trying to (re)learn how to draw and paint. But I can't really do much with the living room a wreck and that's slow going. Working the weekend hasn't helped either since everything gets thrown off course. Mom got a new addition to her yard cats (currently there's Bon White, Domino, Tree Kitten and now Fluffy Meow Meow), who's bone thin and also pregnant. She's got giant snow feet though and a mountain cat face, so once she gets fed, I think she'll be really gorgeous. But Monday's going to involve working out vet schedules so we can get her fixed. Cause more kittens, we do not need.

Apparently there's some big doll convention in Albuquerque, but it's a mix bag of bjds, vinyl and baby dolls(?). And $300 with no discernable day pass. Thankfully, a coworker's already taken off part of that week so I have no choice in the matter, but DollPeddlar is hosting a bjd meetup on that Tuesday night and lo and behold, the two days I CAN get off that week are Tuesday and Wednesday! Score! So Mom and I are going to drive up and do some shopping and I'll finally be able to talk at people who aren't going to glaze over or recoil in fear. Although, I may be doing the recoiling, because the DoA thread is now talking about giant boy dolls getting married at the Sept meet. Including a Sabik. :( *sigh* Someone up there has a crapload of Soom MDs though, so that will be neat to see in person! I'm already trying to decide who all I should bring. ^_^ I already reserved the hotel room (2 beds!) so I can overbring and just keep the extra up in the room.

Still haven't seen a Sasha Moxie down here at any of the Big Three. So strange. Kmart did get in the black BFC Ink girl though, so it's not completely a race thing. They also got the big BFC Inks and Mom bought one. I didn't like the brunette, though she has the best clothes, but the blonde has a really nice face. That's the one Mom got since she looks like a hippie. No sign of the third girl (the black one, of course) though I'll probably get her if I can see her in person first. The clothes on her and the extra sets at walmart are kind of plain but I do like the argyle vest. They look like what I think the American Girl dolls should look like. To me, the AGs have always looked like 5 year olds, even though they're like 12 in the books, which has always put me off. These BFC ones also have jointed knees and torsos, but no arms, for god knows what reason, since that would have made them really awesome dolls. Guess you can't have everything though.

Waiting for Sept 1st to get my next bjd, Cookie. She's a yo-sd sized doll from a company that just made clothes so far as I can tell. But to start they're including the wig, eyes, faceup and oufit and Featherfall's having a free shipping sale as well AND they have her for $20 cheaper than Jpopdolls. Sweet. She's got freaky pupil-less eyes though which I'll have to change, probably to the werewolf eyes that Adam had on for that short while since they're both green. I think that's why puts me off of the Soom dolls, too, esp the tinies. They look so dead and creepy with the pupils gone.

Mom bought an external DVD burner, so I can start backing up the two hard drives on my desktop since I have no clue how much longer it's going to last and I very much don't want to lose all my photos. Each drive is like 300 gigs though, so this is going to take awhile, but...

Scribblenauts this month! Yay!! Only a couple more weeks! I even reserved this one, to get the chicken hat and cause I really really can not wait to play it. I very much hope it's going to be as cool as it looks on YouTube.

I guess that's about all that's going on for now. I'll probably be back with doll pics in a week or so when the shoes from Mimiwoo come in. And Sakana_Hime and Snarky_Imp, let me know what's going on with you guys and the 100 themes thing!
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Oh, I love custom Vera even more than I thought now that I've had her outside and photographed her. The girl I bought her from did a fantastic job on the faceup. It looks better than some of the professional ones I have. And she made that dress herself!! The kimono, too! I got such a good deal on her. That wig she came with is blonde with streaks of really light lavender. She's just gorgeous all over. I wish I could come up with a name. I keep thinking of Amber or Topaz because of her eyes, but I don't really like those names...

Anyways, enough yapping, more pics! )
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...which means photo posts time! I'll try to spread them out though. ;) And they're all dolls (except for the occasional cat), of course, to warn those not interested since I'm too lazy to do actual filtering. And I apologize for: 1.) The horrible backgrounds. My front yard had lots of neighbors out and about and pretty much just dead grass and fence for bg, so I thought I'd try the back. 2.) The tilty-ness of most of these. I could not see the screen on the camera at all due to the sun glare, so I was pretty much taking pics blind and just hoping at least a few would turn out. >_>

Anyways, Poodle got her bf yesterday, so we'll start with them!


Lots of pics behind the cut! )

Alright, front yard pics will probably be coming this afternoon. They'll be filtered down from the flickr dump of a few days ago that I still need to go clean up.

Also, I'm willing to take requests if anyone has any. The more expensive dolls I own are listed in my user info page, but I have a few others that are seldom seen, too or other toys. I dunno, I feel like I pretty much just do outfit and glamour shots and it's been pretty bjd heavy, so if anyone wants to guide me, please do!
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Feeling depressed lately, so I bought a few dolls to try and amend that. I was going to try and get the Snow White and Military Momokos, but SW I'd probably just leave stock and not play with her and Military I'm still hoping to get cheaper. But I joined the forum and someone posted a link to a store that was selling deboxed ones for 2500yen a piece. No boxes means EMS isn't very insane(they had boxed SW but the shipping became outrageous) so I ordered the 3 cheap ones they had left--Poodle Hair and Crazy Eyes for me and Boy Cut for my Mom as repayment for groceries. Funny how dolls have become a monetary system in my family now, lol. If any of you want the link for the shop, just let me know.

Man I'm more tired being able to sleep in than not. Been wondering about my future lately and asking myself if this is all there is for me. I'd always figured I'd have a husband and a couple kids, but I'm seriously doubting that and the prospect of dying the crazy old cat/doll lady becoming real rather than a running gag is really downheartening. I think when Robert's back at work I'm going to try and organize a bowling night for us and the younger staff members so at least I have some semblence of connections with other people.

The funeral Wednesday was.....Catholic. I was angry for the first half hour or so of it because there was NOTHING about the actual person!! Just recitations that had no meanings to anybody, no passion, no interpretations of how they applied to this situtation and when the priest finally did talk about him it was just self-serving about how he came back to the church at the end and that made everything all right. Well apparently not, since he died, so what does that say about your church?? The only personal stuff was by 2 of his nieces, so that's when I finally teared up and it was over far earlier than we had anticipated. I never even had to use my giant wad of kleenex stuffed in my pocket. I know the funeral is for the living, but man some personal touches would have gone a long way. When I die, even though there will probably not even be enough people to fill a bench, I at least want someone to talk about me even if it's bad stuff. :p Or hold the Amanda Davis Memorial Mario Party Tournament. Heh, that would be sweet.

And in related news, these are awesome:

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The camera held out long enough at work for me to take some pics of...Gus. >_> Why can't I name my dolls?? Gah. Anyways, pics!!


"I can look just as cute as those Latis!"

More presh under the cut! )

And another asthetical plea for help!
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I still can't decide on eye color for the bjds I'm updating, so I could use some help! And don't be afraid to give advice cause it'll make you a part of the creepy doll thing, just think of it as helping choose colors or visual aid assistance. ;D

Here's an idea of the colors available, but if you have other ideas, let me know and I can go shopping elsewhere. ;)

Reference pictures here! )

Anyways, opinions are sought and much appreciated.
That and the herd almost drove me to catocide today, but I'll have to get into that later since this post is going to be huge anyways.
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Just paid for NeoNoir a full 3 days early! :O I think Kaela's next month? Hopefully I'll rememeber her too. Although, now I'm waffling on whether or not to buy a certain bjd up for sale...*sigh*
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Yay, got all the dolls I was waiting for yesterday!


My new little Bobobie (the new one's in red). She looks so sad, but the price was right! She's got a real pointy nose and overbite though so I may try to sand that down a bit next time I'm messing with that stuff. I'm looking for a wig for her too, probably something more normal. I still need to get green fur for the fairy niblet, but at this point she's been bald so long, she might look weird *with* hair. Funny how they've both ended up with purple eyes.

Oh and I did manage to enter two of the DoA contests. The costume and the photo one, so if any of you are inclined, mine are the last two in each of them with the green-eyed brunette...hehe. I know I won't win (not even honorable mention in the puki one >_>) but at least I don't think I'm in the bottom either. IMO, though.

I got my Cherished Friends package too, with my 2 new Kickits. I was fixing to email them, but decided to give it a couple more days and then it showed up at dinner! Never got a ship notice or anything, but oh well. No pics of them, yet, but one was the Fao exclusive 200pieces that seemed to be disappearing so I'm glad I got her cheap and the last one too since she then vanished from the website, so I was getting worried that I had missed out.

And Mom is going to buy a big bobobie doll, so I offered to place the order since my tinies and semi-bigger tinies are in desperate need of shoes. I might buy either Isabella or one of the msds, too. I like Mei and she seems to come in limited quantities. Blarg, of course both have a Normal skin in stock so that means I can't narrow it down that way. I kinda want some badass dolls now too that I can punk up and make look evil. Oh yeah, my big boy doll needs some new eyes too, but I can't decide which color. Same for vampire girl...oh crap I still need to pay for NeoNoir too. I preordered Kaela pullip too, which I kind of regret, so I'm not so much into the pullips these days. I'm glad I didn't just impulsively do that anime set, though I might end up buying the butler guy after seeing owner's pics.

I finally watched a couple movies this weekend. I haven't watched movies in foreeeever. Danny got Iron Man for xmas, but I wasn't real impressed with it, but then I also wasn't paying close attention either. I finally watched Golden Compass too, which I LOVED only to find out the next 2 movies have been shelved. HELLA LAME!! It didn't even have a pseudo-ending! Don't make me read the books, guys! The talking animals were actually done really well, too. >_<

Gaming, I've been playing Rhapsody and Safari adventure picture taking on the Wii. It's fun to piss of nature and then run away like a wuss. I went to gamestop to try and partake of the buy2get1free and they are cleaned. out. Ditto for target on that bogo free imagine games thing. Mom was even going to buy Iron Chef on the ds and those were all gone too!! She's suddenly back on the Schleich wagon too, so I'm working on updating my database to see what animals I need to blow some money on. Target's clearancing out some, so I picked up the last Ibex and hoping more drop lower. (Schleich makes these realistic animals and now faeries and soldiers and stuff too. Some of the animals even*cough*)

I had forgotten that they had those Christmas peek-a-boo petites at Wal-mart so we didn't go on Friday night and they were long gone yesterday. Though they might've been before Christmas I'm still bummed I may have missed them on clearance. I did find...Taka from Tokyo though! Only one so I grabbed her, since I didn't know if I'd ever see her again. My grandma sent a giftcard so it was justified. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know that I spent it on a tiny $6 doll. *^^

Oh and in case you need some cuteness to get you to New Year's, here's the catfam all piled up on my bed!


From Left to Right around the back: Chiblet, Mr. Sad Eyes, Little Gray, Sita and Mama Sasha's in the middle. Aw!!
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Well, Christmas was pretty blase. It doesn't help that it doesn't even feel like winter, much less Christmastime. Right now it's 65 degrees with 50mph winds...some more. Fun. I want to wear my pretty long-sleeved shirts, dammit. :( It hasn't even been overcast at *all*. And don't think I haven't been taking note of those of you complaining about snow...*grumble* Oh wait, it's showing snow flurries for tonight...what the hell? I'll believe it when I see it.

Christmas Eve I got off early and hung out with Robert and Naomi til I went to my parents' for dinner and to spend the night. Took the Chiblet with me, and even though she was the one who did a lot of growling and hissing, it went well, though she woke me up early with kneading claws in the back of my head and getting in my face constantly. Dang gray cats have made her all needy. Her and Mishka didn't really get along, though, which made me sad.

Nothing really remarkable on the presents. The biggest items were the Vertigo Tarot set and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Also got the giant Hello Kitty gumball machine, 2 barbie fashion fever closets, African safari wii game, my Piers Anthony book, See's Candy, a couple $15 giftcards, $10 of lotto tickets on which I only got $1 back, a can of beef jerky and 3 black socks. My mom got me some tiny things for my dolls, too, like an olive fork and cheese grater. ^_^ Robert got me Rhapsody which I re-found yesterday and Naomi got me a talking Steve Irwin figure(it's still too soon...*sniff*) and some cute outfits for my dolls, so vampire girl(she so needs a name) has a nice holiday dress. It's nice how people have come to accept and support my crazy. :D

I took some pictures for the contest due tonight, but I'm not real pleased with any of them since there was an utter lack of Christmas around these parts. I'm still going to try a faceup tonight since I have til 1am to submit and Mom finished Tessa's winter dress, though I'm not sure how it's going to stack up against others since it's not real flamboyant or costumey and I have no idea how to style her as such. Though after spending time with my dolls she wants a big one of her own though she claims it's just to sew for, hehe. I'm keeping an eye out for a discount bobobie on the forums though, just in case. Oh, I've now been informed that she wants a "non-weirded out doll!!". So picky. :p

It sounds like we're one for Naomi and Robert to come over again tomorrow after Robert gets off work. That didn't work out so well. Man, where did the time go?? Sorry, Naomi, I was hoping we could've hung out more. Stupid work. :( Of course I'm off on Monday but that's a day too late. >_< And next Monday I begin my 6 month Jury Duty sentence. I still haven't figured out why I get 6 and the rest of the populace gets 3. And I'm still not sure if I want to be chosen for a case or not. :|

Oh and I got a card from my crazy Grandma who signs it "Love ya--Grandma Jean". Which doesn't sound bad, except that she never really has contact with us anyways, so...hell I don't even know. -_-
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Apparently winter in New Mexico consists of Summer, summer, summer, Hurricane, summer again. Seriously, we were in Penny's and I'm still in a tshirt cause it's sunny and hot today and then we come out and it's freaking 50mph winds and then out of each consecutive store, added rain, cold and other stuff until suddenly it's fine out again. Didn't even need a jacket when I got off work at 9pm. Crazyass desert.

Oh, Christmas cards!! Who wants? Might as well try to do those this year, since everyone else seems to be and if I add in my cybernetic friends I'll actually have enough on a list to make it worthwhile! Just leave a comment and I'll contact you to get an address if I don't have one already! And if I don't know you that well, that's okay too. I know I didn't respond to several calls since I felt bad since I don't talk to a lot of you outside of LJ, so if that's holding you back, dont' worry about it, cause I really don't have many to send to, so it will be making it worth my while if I have a batch of them to do. ;)

Anyhow, slowly getting Christmas shopping knocked out. I was hoping to get Robert a couple of the games he wanted, but they're still kinda pricey, so it looks like probably just one unless I can find good deals on ebay. I now have a price limit for Naomi so I'll start seriously looking for her. Mom's got 2 books on the way and the hardest one-my dad, is actually all bought for. Green Chile beer, Johnny cash cd and a signed Star Trek book. Oh, I bought Mom that Irish barbie too. Even though TRU pissed me off, the $25 coupon was too good a deal, so I bought her that and the two exclusive Heroes figures since they were on clearance and it got me to just about fifty even. I need to order her some knitting stuff now too. Possibly for my secret santa as well since I'd like to get her something cool and not just a gift basket from Sam's.

Do you know what sucks? BBCAmerica was advertising a new season of Kitchen Nightmares, but they're just showing the american ones!! WTF!! That's not a new season! It's not like it's even real BBC and new to the UK or something! False advertising!!

I'm trying reaaaally hard not to buy PukiPongPong until at least the New Year. I need to pay off NeoNoir before the 5th too. I'm not too happy with how the new bodies look, but hopefully I'll be surprised. She may be display-only anyways, I'm not too sure yet. Bah, I also want all those new ones from that one anime series with the butler guy. So that will be $300 in March?, so I don't think I'll be getting PukiChiChi unless I get nice tax money back or something. Oh, some Albuquerque Journal lady PMed me asking questions about BJDs to do a newspaper article on doll collectors in NM. I'll have to get back to her since her story actually checks out.

Model_me_pullip's starting up a Christmas contest...I'm debating if I should try again, just not even worry about it, or possibly be a judge instead...decisions, decisions...

I really want to enter the contests on DoA, but I'm running out of time. The Puki one is due the 14th and I still have no idea of a concept and will have to cross-dress him in kelly clothes. At least mom is working on wigs for him tonight, so he won't be a little baldy. There's a face painting one too and I have a blank sleeping face but I have no idea how to make it "wintery". At least the costume isn't until the 26th, but that will be mom's arena. And a generic winter photo on the 19th too, which I'd love to do, but unfortunately, all my bjd dolls are severely lacking in the warddrobe department. They're giving out heads as prizes though, so hell it's at least worth trying.

I took a few new pics of the bjd family since my boydoll has arrived!


More pics and doll crap under the cut! )
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I have absolutely no enthusiasm for work today. Usually I can fake cheerfulness and enthusiasm pretty well, but I just feel too drained at the moment. It didn't help that the internet messed up 15 mins before opening and I had to call Cableone to find out WTF was going on w/out knowing any of our account information. And for you guys that don't know, Sundays are freaking insane for free computer use here and are constantly full with hour waits for the whole afternoon. Does everyone know I work at the public library? I try not to talk about work much in case coworkers stumble upon it.

Anyhow, I want to order the Heroes OST and Amazon seems like the best place to go, but I've been getting upgrade offers for my Amazon Visa, but since it requires a call-in and I hate calling, I've put it off, but I finally sucked it up last night. There doesn't seem to be any hidden fees or anything, it will just increase all the points I currently get (it will now be 3 for amazon purchases, 2 for dining/gas/etc, 1 for others) and for the first 90 days, I get triple all of that. So I want to order my Heroes cd, but it makes sense to just go for the $25 and get the free shipping right? Which means I need 11.01 in the cart. A graphic novel seems perfect for that and so I can get more Fables, but it alternates and it seems every other one is 10.53 or 12.35. No clue why. Guess I'll have to wait til tonight since I forgot which ones I got for my birthday.

And I've got one more doll in the's a really good deal though! Nah-ahto for $50+10 shipping, already on a marrone obitsu! I resisted temptation and didn't get Nero(though she had her for 60 and offered 50 and was shot down, it was worth a try!), but now Ms. Imp has me questioning that decision, but TIB seems to have fallen off the internet, so I guess it's a moot point.

I should be putting up a half-assed display for Banned Books Week and working on the schedule, but it's so much easier to procrastinate...*sigh*


Sep. 19th, 2008 12:12 pm
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Going thru my thousands(not an exaggeration this time!) of pics for the fair, I realized I haven't done doll pictures in a looong time and the outside ones don't come out terribly crappy so I should take some more. Unfortunately my yard holds no more inspiration for me, but I think we're going out to Graves tomorrow to get green chiles (OMG, they've been roasting them at the grocery stores and it smells soooo good. I love fall) so that will be nice to do again. That's where I took the craziia ones like in my icon. But even so I can do more at mom's house or something. Anyhow, I don't know who to choose. I was doing a photoshoot for each doll that came in, but I flaked out on that and there's a lot that are under-represented and thanks to VVD, I now have way more than just pullips. So doll friends, any preferences or suggestions? I defniately need more Ello shots and I've got 6 atm, Chills, PR, Tatters, Sushi, Lingering Doubt and Bitter Green...the Juku Coutures, nearing 40 for pullips/dals/taeyangs, and lord knows what else. -_- The poor BJDs are neglected as the little niblet one still needs a wig. Oops.

Oh and apparently the universe reads my LJ as I had just complained about not having enough Taeyangs and now have 3 in various states of "on the way". O_o Still waiting for shipping confirms on like everything I've ordered in the past week or so though! Wait, I did get one for Sage. And I got mini Princi in the mail, but I'm rather irked because she charged me $8 shipping (which I questioned before even paying) and it was sent first class for 3.28. W/ del confirm but still no where near 8.00. Mom says I should let it go and I probably will since it wasn' t ebay and she's fairly rare, but still ticked about it at the moment.

And I don't care what everyone else says, I like NeoNoir! She'll be my newest pullip for what seems like ages. Oh, rewigged Shinku wasn't that long ago, but I think it was...Alte before that? Well Hangry but she was just a clearance buy. Hm. Anyways, sidetracked. I do understand why people don't like her much, but it's just crazy to me that everyone's gaga for Isolde when to me she's hella freaking boring. Blue plaid dress that looks like all their other outfits recently, blonde hair and blue eyes? Oooh yeah she's real inventive and exciting and worth $500. Bleh. NeoNoir will finally be my truely evil pullip since I never got that one custom made. I should probably do something with those at some point in time since I think I have 5 or 6 dolls in pieces scattered around the house. :(
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I can't believe even with high-speed dsl, I still lose connection when it rains. It's been up and down for the last 5 days, mostly down and it hasn't even rained that much. Of course this is with about 3 or 4 different transactions going on..

Anyhow, for those of you who haven't memorized my dolls :O, lol just kidding I was in a hurry last time, here's the doll I ordered:

If you have a slow connection you can check her out here:

I really like a lot of their other molds and I'd like 1/4 Leira at some point in time. Maybe one of the guys just cause they have such cool outfits...
I ended up getting this outfit for her:

I like the dresses more, but for half the price I got something with shoes as well. I really don't understand why none of the bjd clothing sets ever include shoes. It's really annoying. >_< As is gmail being a butt and giving me error messages so that I can't even pay for my doll...gah.

Oh and I'm about halfway through Breaking Dawn. And if any of you have read the other books, DON'T READ THIS ONE. Seriously, you'll be waaay better off just writing the ending in your head. And if you must know, just ask me and I'll give you the horrible plot points so that you don't waste your time with this and you can count them off as non-canon crap that came from When I got to the end of the second "chapter" last night I was so pissed I couldn't even sleep. And I wasn't even that invested in it in the first place. >:O
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Okay, I think I came to a decision. I'm going to buy Gabriel when my CC rolls around on the 21st. But I think I'm going to go ahead and order a cheapo Bobobie to tide me over in the meantime. Probably the MSD Sprite.

Don't worry, I've seen her look like less of a freakshow in owner pics. Or maybe one of the little niblet sprites. Or both? :D I'm so bad. But yeah as much as I lust (ew?) for Sabik, I decided it is best to at least have one bjd to test the waters before I commit $800 to one, even if I decide I do want him and have to wait a few more months for a re-release. Agh, but since I'm not getting him, I'm not sure if I should put the extra money into Gabriel (She'll be renamed Tessa, I think (omg, I actually have a name for one of my dolls!!)) to make her double-jointed. Oh and Angell-studio just announced two new 70cm boys with fangs!! Damn you bjds! They still look pretty angsty like all the other vamp molds out there though.

And Soom's dicking around with showing this month's Zodiac doll (Cancer). He's got freaking claws! I probably won't want to buy, but I'm curious to see! The aries chick was pretty awesome in a creepy sort of way. 

Oh and in semi-related news, I actually got a big box of crap together last night to sell! Video games, dvds, anime tapes...unfortunately most of it is going for pittance at the moment, so it will behoove me to wait til around christmas to try and unload it. Another reason to wait on Sabik, it will give me time to sell stuff and better justify the cost. I watn to get into the toy boxes though since that will clear out more room as well and I think yield higher returns. :D
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Oh man, you guys, I feel so wrecked today. I don't know if it's the travel finally catching up with me or what, but I had nightmares all through the night and my throat feels just horrible. Oh and coughing now, too. Yay. So yeah, don't quite feel up to convention coverage just yet. I wanted to check out the pics last night, but I fell asleep watching tv and then ended up just trying to get a song downloaded. Actually I got it pretty easily, it was just a million updates the computer had to do from being off for a week. I think the theme from Paranoia agent was the best thing about it. Actually the best thing about all of Satoshi Kon's anime is the music by Susumu Hirasawa. Though I'd still like to make a Paprika pullip someday. Oh yeah, I think I was just going to name Asuka Paprika...

Anyhow, since I didn't find too much to buy up in the AZ, I've got the antsiness in me to buy something now. Unfortunately, there's a lot of expensive vying for that. Wilde Imagination has a $15 off coupon good for the next few days, but the outfit I want is ONE DOLLAR short of the minimum. There are a few more dolls I want, so I had planned on getting the outfit with either or but that would pretty much max out my budget until the credit cards roll over. 

But then, yesterday, someone put up a Hina Ichigo dal for sale on LJ that would be $87 shipped which is about 20 under retail. She's one of the two Rozen Maidens I need, and it's a pretty good deal. *sigh* 

And, the Heroes action figures just came out. Toynk's sent an email that they have them for $70 plus like 12 shipping which is a little over 15 a piece which is just about retail. I was hoping to find them in AZ, but no go, so I don't know if they'll filter down here eventually. The Castlevania figures never did and I don't know if they'll be like PotC and Lost and be on clearance everywhere, or get all bought up and become expensive. I can't even find the freaking trading cards anywhere either!!

And this morning Hot Topic sends out an email with more clearance stuff and there's about $40 of stuff that I want there. I still need to go through and pare stuff down, like maybe lose one of the hoodies and decide on which pair of crazy goth boots ($10 cheaper than a pair of Ellowyne Wilde shoes, how wrong is that?), but I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering from there. $6 ground shipping though. :D

So, yeah... :/
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Gah, why is it when I want to save money, everything awesome shows up? I was only going to stick with the Folklore Momoko I have and the one mom's getting (I'm not even sure which model she is, but I reeaaallly want the military one.


Gah, red hair and militant ensemble, she is just too awesome. I only bought Folklore cause she was cheap and I wanted to see how Momos were in real life and personally I think they're pretty overpriced. Don't get me wrong, I really like them and would love to own more, but the similarities in the faces just don't seem worth it to me to spend several hundred dollars on owning more than one. But this one...*sigh*

At least I'm getting Purple Rain Ellowyne Wilde for my birthday.

FAO said they were down to 15 out of a 350LE run, so I bartered with Mom that she would pay half for my birthday and I would pay the other half. I really didn't want to be spending money this month in anticipation of the trip to Arizona, but nooo. At least with PR I was able to give my mom some video games I had bought and they actually ended up selling for about $47 a piece (I only paid 20-30 for them). Even with stupid Amazon fees it was enough. I hope that Military Momoko's not a limited edition, but she's not even showing up on the main site, so I dunno. I guess I should investigate further, but I really don't want to tempt myself. So I'll just hope that someone at the con has Momokos on the vendor floor. ^_^

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