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I'll just start by saying...ooowch, my stomache hurts and I feel like tearing out my insides. Stupid girl pain. >_<

On to more important things. Like shopping. :P Ya'll, everyone's clearancing and it's horrible for my credit cards. But it's so much fun to find good deals! When I find a moment that I'm not lazy, I'll put up a pic of all my goodies I found. Which are mostly toys...well, all toys, come to think of it. I really need to start selling junk out. -_-

Oh and I won my Girls of Many Lands auction! I need to stop reading VVD since she makes me want too many dolls that I normally wouldn't even care about. But once I got the English and French girls, I want a few more. I've also been reading the books through the library and they're pretty good. I know I'm never getting Kathleen though cause her prices are outrageous. But anyways, there was an auction at first I thought it was just for the display, but it was for the display stand PLUS the four dolls pictured. Spring Pearl(China), Leyla(Turkey, woo!), Saba(Africa) and Neela(India). Most of these have been going for around $35-60 and just like I'd hoped, I think people thought it was just the stand too. So I got it for $52+10 shipping! Which will work out awesomely if I actually get them! Because the downside is that it was a brand new seller, so I'm hoping I'm not getting ripped off. *keeping fingers crossed*

And in random tangent, why do mint oreos have to be so addictive? I'm already on my second package. :(  The new rocky road snickers are really good too. They just replaced the nougat with marshmallow. Yum...I'm gonna wait until they show up 3/1.00 at big lots though. And a warning against the new Taco Bell "melts". Pass 'em by. I always try their new things, but these were just made of suck. Part of this was due to local incompetence, but they would still not be worth it.  I got the chicken jalapeno and mom got the steak fajita. First, they're 2.69 which is pretty freaking high for a burrito. And they were small. Part of this was due to my burrito not having the rice in it that was in the picture. Regardless, there were still only like 3 pieces of chicken and boatton of jalapenos. And a lot of cheese, which would have been fine if it had been, you know MELTED. I'm going to assume the names of these things refers to the freaking cheese in them. But ours were barely over room temp so it was just eating dry burrito and stringy cheese. Yum. Mom's wasn't too bad aside from the same lack of melt problem, but while I like the combo of peppers and onions, I don't think they were too conducive to the type of cheese that taco bell uses. So, in my opinion, stick to your usuals. Like the spicy chicken cruchwrap supreme. Which is a whole dollar cheaper! Dirty pull, Taco Bell, dirty pull...

Oh and is it wrong that I want to preorder Breaking Dawn, just so I can get a promo bag and lord it over my coworker that's heavily into that series? I think it is, but I may do it anyways. I had also toyed with the idea of covering myself in glitter and fangs and blood to go to the midnight release party and then just get all the facts wrong and embarrass my co-workers. Oh and put Robert in dog ears and tail to be a "werewolf". Just to be an ass. But now I don't think it's worth the effort...especially since it will be a pain to drag Robert down there if even feasible and I don't think I want to go alone.  Which just makes me think I should buy the bag so that I have done something  to be an asshole about all of this.

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