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Oct. 19th, 2008 08:49 pm
zallia: (sylar_blue)
Well, apparently I'm known at Gamestop as "that girl with the coupons". Which is sad since I only go in there once a month, I think. Hey, I can't help it if I shop smart. Oh well, the girl said it nicely enough so I find it more amusing than offensive. So what did I get with my mad discounts? The email coupon was for buy 2 used, get 1 free and so the first trip I got nothing, came back did some research and ended up getting The World Ends with You for the DS, Wild Arms XF for the PSP and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core for the psp.

Now, for the first two, I had not seen them for sale in town at ALL. In fact, I didn't even know that TWEWY had been released at all, much less last April. Yikes. So not knowing if I would ever lay eyes on it again, I scooped it up. Then I went back today, which is when I got my moniker, and got Fatal Frame III, Sims Castaways on DS and Burnout Legends on PSP. I was tempted by Ar Torelico, but hopefully it'll still be there on the next sale or I'll just wait for the sequel. I was wanting some pickup-and-play games, so those will do nicely. Well, Fatal Frame to round out my collection before it too, disappears off the face of the earth. Now, if only I could find a boyfriend or best friend to be here when I play them, so that I don't get myself all freaked out. :(

Last night, I also got an email from Panikstoybox that they're doing a 13 days of Halloween sale with different stuff half-price each day. And today's offerings? Heroes figures! So I picked up the core 5 series 2 figures plus the alternate Niki/Jessica figure and the promo flying Peter Petrelli. Passed on invisible Claude and almost caved to a 2nd Sylar to debox, but I maintained. And not only were they half-price, but there's a site-wide sale for increasing percentages off and over 50.00 netted me an additional 15% off. PLUS that's the place I got my broken mini pullip from so I've had a gift certificate sitting around since May that I hadn't found a use for, so wee!! It all worked out so nicely!

I got a ship notice for my Fables books from Amazon today(Sunday? Okay...). Freaking UPS, but they're set for Wed, so I guess I can wait 3 days. This weekend was also the Library book sale and I picked up a bagful of David Eddings yesterday that I'll have to go through and see which are doubles and then 4 bags today. I can already feel the soreness in my arms, cause I was dumb and went to hardcovers first and ended up lugging around giant-ass HC copies of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Those things are freaking massive. I also found Snarky_Imp's Watching Alice series which is amusing. Apparently no one down here wanted to read them.

And....someone else is offering BJD grab bags. Dollheart, the company that made that pretty purple dress I just buoght and a bunch of other nice stuff. I wish I'd get the Featherfall one soon to see what they put in, but I'm not that naive about Canadian shipping. I'm pretty tempted to get an SD one and MSD one for my bipolar elf and maybe even the Ellowynes if it's a small size. DH makes hella nice shoes....damn you surprises! I got the Jpop wigs and 2 are white, which bleh, though one looks like it might be big enough for pullips but i haven't tried it. The other two might be workable though.

 Guess I shouldn't have whined about the cold cause now it's freaking hot again. >_<

Getting further in the Silent Hill watch, but the guy hasn't uploaded all the videos yet, so I hope he moves his ass since I want to know what the big twist is, though I'm afraid it's leading up to a Silent Hill: SVU edition. I definately still want to see it played for reals though cause I'm missing 90% of it watching on a tiny youtube screen. The noises were what was getting to me last night since I can't make out too much of the scoogle in the monsters. :( And dolls being the portal to the dark world was totally my idea first:  :P

Okay, the giant skinny doll boss is pretty fucking creepy, though. :/

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