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So....I've got two dolls set to arrive on Tuesday. Yay! Probably not til after dinner though. Boo on you UPS. I actually resisted and didn't order Sabik and I don't regret it at all. I can be smart! I did order two Bobobies, a tiny and and MSD(about the size of my Ellowyne Wildes). I figure I should get a starter BJD first to see if I can handle the bigger ones. But if I heart them, I'll probably be ordering the big girl this week since the CC rolls over tomorrow. In the meantime, I've been having fun reading up on all the batshit crazies that thrive in this hobby. Man, Pullip people have nothing on these guys. And the scamming that goes on too. So many horror stories of meetups and transactions and girls wanting to be called guys when they're very clearly not. O_o Like the worst of anime fandom finds its way to the dollies too apparently. So I think I'm definately going to be sticking to lurking in these comms. I'm hoping when I get my dolls that I'll be inspired to pick up the camera again though. I keep thinking about pictures I want to take during the day and then get home and just don't want to do anything. I was thinking last night, how I just don't care about anything much anymore. My job, my health, my house, my hobbies....I dunno, I'm just having a hard time mustering up any kind of energy for anything. 

Oh, if any of you are reality show junkies like me, you should really check out Reality Bites Back on Comedy Central. They're rerunning it like a million times this week, but every ep, they take a different show to make fun of with this group of comedians participating. The last ep was Big Brother and the host and "competition" was freaking hysterical. I'm looking foward to this week's "Shock of Love" where they have to woo some giant black woman who others might know, but I don't. :/

Breaking Dawn comes out in a couple weeks. I thought about going to the midnight release party at the (only)bookstore here in town, but even though co-workers are going it'll still be awkward and I have the feeling I'll just go home feeling left out and lonely like so many endeavours of past. 

I finally caught up on the last few eps of Lost season 4 (they finally got the magic back, me thinks) and I thought of some icons I want to make. So I thought I'd give that a go tonight, but I severely underestimated my lack of knowing wtf to do with an image editing program. Argh, why didn't they teach one of these in any of my computer classes? And due to the lack of any freaking friends here in town (also related to the apathy/lethargy? Most likely...) I can't even ask anyone to teach me. So we'll see how much I can fight my quick temper to sit down and figure this task out.

Man, another thing about these bjds is that most of the sales are for freaking heads-only. That's like the ultimate thing in pullips, but for some damn reason, the heads are worth like a fifth of the total price so people just steal the bodies and unload the heads. Which is crap, cause I don't want to buy one i like and have it sitting around while I try and track down a body that matches. How can there be so many freaking loose heads out there!?! Oh and apparently no one in the BJD community got the memo that Paypal expressly forbids charging paypal fees!! God, just factor it into the price if you're so desperate to get out of what the seller should be paying anyways. Hello, that's part of selling shit, you idiots! It's part of overhead and you should factor it into your fucking business model. And before you say "oh it's just shit on the internet" these are freaking $600 products and 4% is $24 which is a significant amount. But that's part of what you have to take into account for accepting credit cards. Either don't accept CCs and lose out on a few sales or accept them and eat the cost, but hey you'll be opening up the market. But like I said, if they're determined to force it on the buyer, put it in the cost and don't announce it to the world! So that's put me off on a LOT of sales on DoA. Grrr. I don't know why but people breaking websites' terms of service has really been getting under my skin lately. Like the selling on flickr thing when flickr's actually shutting down accounts now because of it. And hey, guess what, they's why ebay has to freaking jack up all their fees all the time. That's why we can't have nice things!!! 

Didn't even plan on a rant being in this post. Anyways, I guess that's pretty much what's been going on in bit o' the world for the time being. I'll probably post my opinions on the dolls when I get them. Ja. ;P


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