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Well, Christmas was pretty blase. It doesn't help that it doesn't even feel like winter, much less Christmastime. Right now it's 65 degrees with 50mph winds...some more. Fun. I want to wear my pretty long-sleeved shirts, dammit. :( It hasn't even been overcast at *all*. And don't think I haven't been taking note of those of you complaining about snow...*grumble* Oh wait, it's showing snow flurries for tonight...what the hell? I'll believe it when I see it.

Christmas Eve I got off early and hung out with Robert and Naomi til I went to my parents' for dinner and to spend the night. Took the Chiblet with me, and even though she was the one who did a lot of growling and hissing, it went well, though she woke me up early with kneading claws in the back of my head and getting in my face constantly. Dang gray cats have made her all needy. Her and Mishka didn't really get along, though, which made me sad.

Nothing really remarkable on the presents. The biggest items were the Vertigo Tarot set and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Also got the giant Hello Kitty gumball machine, 2 barbie fashion fever closets, African safari wii game, my Piers Anthony book, See's Candy, a couple $15 giftcards, $10 of lotto tickets on which I only got $1 back, a can of beef jerky and 3 black socks. My mom got me some tiny things for my dolls, too, like an olive fork and cheese grater. ^_^ Robert got me Rhapsody which I re-found yesterday and Naomi got me a talking Steve Irwin figure(it's still too soon...*sniff*) and some cute outfits for my dolls, so vampire girl(she so needs a name) has a nice holiday dress. It's nice how people have come to accept and support my crazy. :D

I took some pictures for the contest due tonight, but I'm not real pleased with any of them since there was an utter lack of Christmas around these parts. I'm still going to try a faceup tonight since I have til 1am to submit and Mom finished Tessa's winter dress, though I'm not sure how it's going to stack up against others since it's not real flamboyant or costumey and I have no idea how to style her as such. Though after spending time with my dolls she wants a big one of her own though she claims it's just to sew for, hehe. I'm keeping an eye out for a discount bobobie on the forums though, just in case. Oh, I've now been informed that she wants a "non-weirded out doll!!". So picky. :p

It sounds like we're one for Naomi and Robert to come over again tomorrow after Robert gets off work. That didn't work out so well. Man, where did the time go?? Sorry, Naomi, I was hoping we could've hung out more. Stupid work. :( Of course I'm off on Monday but that's a day too late. >_< And next Monday I begin my 6 month Jury Duty sentence. I still haven't figured out why I get 6 and the rest of the populace gets 3. And I'm still not sure if I want to be chosen for a case or not. :|

Oh and I got a card from my crazy Grandma who signs it "Love ya--Grandma Jean". Which doesn't sound bad, except that she never really has contact with us anyways, so...hell I don't even know. -_-
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Man, I'm exhausted again. Damn work(see coworkers). *sigh*

I found out that there's a Poker Run this weekend though. Time to fire up the Geo Prizm to ride with the Harleys! Yah, Geo Prizm! Whoa! It's been Xarx, me and my brother the past few times, but since [ profile] xarx had to go quell the zombie uprising in New Socorro, it'll be Mom, Danny and me, with me as navigator and mom driving. So long as I get to drive around and listen to music though, I'm fine. Oh wait, I just realized we'll be driving in the Honda Accord. Not as embarassing as my car. :(

Okay, so this morning as I'm getting ready )

The boss is away this week, though, and you know what that party!

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