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Went on a brief family trip to Carlsbad to go see the Living Desert on Saturday. I had been bugging Robert to go(For a year now!!) and he never would, so finally my mom was like, we'll just go with you. But no caverns. :( I took a lot of pictures though, and it took me back to when I was out there with Tatton and my disposable camera and wondering about him taking all those close-ups of flowers, but then there I was doing the same thing! Hee.
I think a lot of them came out good and my mom said a lot of her friends sent compliments, but very few of them have views if any, so I don't know how much looking is actually going on. :/ I've gotten some odd random pics favorited as well, which always confuses me.
Tatton already sussed out the "ibuttons" one I took for him, but I took a pic of a Silent Hill fan for George, as well. Click on the turkey to see more pics! The ones that have me or the fam in them are set to friends/family so if you want to see those log in or add me! I've added comments and stuff too since I first posted them.
Turkey Head Shot

Actually these things will show up first:

They're called Les Beebies? I found them at Factory 2U and the only thing I can find about them online is this french store site:

For the record 20 euros is about $30 USD! For one! I paid 2.99 for mine! They didn't have the variant eye or hairstyles though. They seem to have some mind control powers to them since at first I was like "those are weird looking" and then "how much are they?" then "oh what the hell, I'll take one" then "Can we stop on the way home and get another?" And as you can see, they've multiplied. I love the angry bitch faces on the redheads though and the "Mommy, don't beat me!" looks on the boys. If anything, they seem like those kinds of collector's items that people will be paying wads for in 20 years perhaps, so I'll hang on to them for the time being.

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