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I have absolutely no enthusiasm for work today. Usually I can fake cheerfulness and enthusiasm pretty well, but I just feel too drained at the moment. It didn't help that the internet messed up 15 mins before opening and I had to call Cableone to find out WTF was going on w/out knowing any of our account information. And for you guys that don't know, Sundays are freaking insane for free computer use here and are constantly full with hour waits for the whole afternoon. Does everyone know I work at the public library? I try not to talk about work much in case coworkers stumble upon it.

Anyhow, I want to order the Heroes OST and Amazon seems like the best place to go, but I've been getting upgrade offers for my Amazon Visa, but since it requires a call-in and I hate calling, I've put it off, but I finally sucked it up last night. There doesn't seem to be any hidden fees or anything, it will just increase all the points I currently get (it will now be 3 for amazon purchases, 2 for dining/gas/etc, 1 for others) and for the first 90 days, I get triple all of that. So I want to order my Heroes cd, but it makes sense to just go for the $25 and get the free shipping right? Which means I need 11.01 in the cart. A graphic novel seems perfect for that and so I can get more Fables, but it alternates and it seems every other one is 10.53 or 12.35. No clue why. Guess I'll have to wait til tonight since I forgot which ones I got for my birthday.

And I've got one more doll in the's a really good deal though! Nah-ahto for $50+10 shipping, already on a marrone obitsu! I resisted temptation and didn't get Nero(though she had her for 60 and offered 50 and was shot down, it was worth a try!), but now Ms. Imp has me questioning that decision, but TIB seems to have fallen off the internet, so I guess it's a moot point.

I should be putting up a half-assed display for Banned Books Week and working on the schedule, but it's so much easier to procrastinate...*sigh*

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