Jun. 14th, 2010 12:06 pm
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People are reading these, right? I'd probably do it for my own gratification, but I just wanted to check and make sure.
This is a long one, but she's a cutie so it's worth it!


The Story of Animula )


Jun. 11th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Okay, so apparently if you want to read these through my LJ, you need to use IE, but if you want to remain on Firefox you can read them through my flickr. So sayeth [info]xarx . This is the last one I have scanned at the moment, and our staff picnic is tonight, but hopefully I can get a good chunk of them done Saturday and Sunday. I didn't much care for Erro the doll, but this story made me sad enough to like her now. Erro The Story of Erro )
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I have a couple questions concerning the Little Apple Dolls for anyone interested.

The first is that I've acquired an extra of the little 4 inch versions of a LAD and I'd like to customize it to have a mini version of one of the big ones. The three they already made of the tinies are Circe(long stripey sleeves), Umbrae(red robe), Sine(white robe), but any body else would be fair game. I think the kiminos would be complicated for that small, but I think it could be done, so who should I try??

The other is that I'm rather taken with the story books that were included with them. They're written as myths or legends of some sort with a lot of magic and mysticism, though on the dark side of things concerning little girls, of course. Any how, since they're fairly short, I was wondering if anybody else was interested in reading them and I could try to scan them or type them out (though they may be longer that way than they appear). Also, not sure if typing out the stories would be some sort of copyright infringement or something? Since you can't be them seperately, I wouldn't think so, but you never know.

So any input is helpful! Thanks!
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My TV shelving has now taken a darker turn:

Little Apple Dolls

Got my Little Apple Dolls box yesterday and it's so awesome! I can't believe I almost didn't buy them. >_< Sooo glad I lucked out into that. I was watching one auction for a single one and then decided to search to see if she showed up cheaper and that lot had just been listed for $150 BIN w/ $15 shipping. It was more than I wanted to spend in one shot, but the overall savings was phenomenal. And it turns out there was actually 18 dolls in there so each one is only $9.16! One's a dupe too, so Mom's buying her off of me for that price. Didn't think she'd like them, but she has always judged the dolls more by their clothing than face.

They also came with all their books, apples and masks. Only one card, unfortunately, which is too bad since they have pretty pictures and I probably can't even download them somewhere considering how hard it's been just finding the dolls. Which I need to do again, because I have no idea which mask goes with which doll, so that's going to be another broody myssery to solve. Luckily there's only 9 and I've already tracked down 5 of them.

After unwrapping them and clearing a place, I just wanted to get them out of the box, so no individual pics at this point in time. If there's anybody you'd like to see more of, just let me know and I'll do a photoshoot since there's too many for me to choose from!

And now, Pics! )

So all I'm missing is the two from Series 5: Nix and Oscen and 4 of the limiteds: the Twins (which I can get for a pretty good price when the CC turns over), Solus and Praeses. If you guys see any of them, let me know, please! Since I'm so close at this point, I might as well try for them all, though I think the rest will be a bit difficult since the only one I've seen on ebay is Praeses.

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