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Skull Shores Aquired!

Trolling stores FINALLY paid off! Of course probably spent more in gas than shipping would have cost *cough*, but there's just something special about finding them on the shelves, isn't there? This was all they had so I couldn't be choosey. My only issue is Abbey's fangs look hella weird, but I need to look around and see if that's the norm. Camera batteries just died so can't pic those just yet. I was really hoping for Sweet 1600 since I'm not super keen on swimsuit dolls, but Gil! More Abbey! Gorgeous Lagoona! So it'll do to bide the time. I'm just worried that if I see them at TRU in Albuquerque next week I'll be tempted to overpay for them intsead of waiting. And now CAM's already out?? Geez! Of course good old Target had put out a new case...of the very first line? And Ghoulia? I have no idea.

Oh and I don't think I ever got around to TORALEI! It was a weird twist of fate in that we went across the store to self-check after the long line at the garden center and mom called me over to look at some weird dolls in the holiday aisle and right between two of those all by her lonesome was Toralei! I was like OMG THAT'S THE ONE I WAS LOOKING FOR!! and mom was like "oh, that wasn't even the one I was pointing out." :P So kismet, karma, ka, whatever was in my favor!

And you may notice an extra Ghoulia. No, it wasn't just to wipe the case out and try to prompt them into actually keeping the shelves stocked. [ profile] jemmifire, she's yours if you still need her!


Jun. 17th, 2010 09:54 am
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Just as I was cursing UPS and refreshing the tracking for the 200th time in the last couple days, they updated that my Monster High package is in Albuquerque! That should give it plenty of time to get down here and out for delivery tomorrow. At least it better be, because I sure as hell don't want to have to wait over the weekend for them. At least having those in hand, will make it easier to wait for the Dawn of the Dance girls in the hopes that they'll actually make it to store shelves down here.
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So, the Monster High dolls have been a kind of high and low thing since [ profile] tanz_fanatika got hers early. Amazon, TRU and etoys has the Cleo/Deuce giftset up for a little while, though not in stock, so since Amazon was $5 cheaper and free 2-day shipping, I ordered and they would ship when they came in stock. Recently, TRU/etoys (etoys seems to be some weird TRU mirror site that I haven't quite figured out yet) listed the 4 individual girls, but didn't have them in stock and you couldn't pre-order. Today, word got out that they were hitting the shelves in certain stores finally, even though Mattel kept going pushing the date back from the end of May all the way til July.

SO. Since I have no TRU, I was waffling between getting the Cleo/Deuce giftset, since TRU had theirs in stock, but Amazon still didn't and even though I wanted the other dolls first, at least it would be something to tide me over. They now had free shipping for orders $49 or over too, so I found a clearance Moxie and a couple of other things and then started debating.

I asked George his opinion and while sending the links, realized they had Draculaura and Frankie suddenly in stock!! So I was like OMG must buy before they pull them again!! So deciding to wait on the set again, I ordered them and the moxie and then realized they were sending to my house, which boo, but I can live with.

I'm stuck out at desk so I keep checking to see if the other 2 show up and indeed, like 10 minutes later, there they are! AND in that 10 minutes, TRU has also dropped the $49 free shipping and just has the $100 one. Aaaagh. Etoys has free shipping for $69 or more, so after waffling between 8 different combinations between 3 stores, 2 already placed orders and various amounts of shipping, I finally just cancelled everything and ordered ALL the dolls from TRU since they're in league with ebates. Which that dang site was down most of the time, so I couldn't even go through there on the first order.

SO!! That was way too difficult a time just to get 6 plastic dolls! But! At least I don't have to obsess about them anymore and can just leisurely wait for the rest of the releases. The only problem now is that having them in my house, I'm going to get the theme song stuck in my head every time I look at them! 

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