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My TV shelving has now taken a darker turn:

Little Apple Dolls

Got my Little Apple Dolls box yesterday and it's so awesome! I can't believe I almost didn't buy them. >_< Sooo glad I lucked out into that. I was watching one auction for a single one and then decided to search to see if she showed up cheaper and that lot had just been listed for $150 BIN w/ $15 shipping. It was more than I wanted to spend in one shot, but the overall savings was phenomenal. And it turns out there was actually 18 dolls in there so each one is only $9.16! One's a dupe too, so Mom's buying her off of me for that price. Didn't think she'd like them, but she has always judged the dolls more by their clothing than face.

They also came with all their books, apples and masks. Only one card, unfortunately, which is too bad since they have pretty pictures and I probably can't even download them somewhere considering how hard it's been just finding the dolls. Which I need to do again, because I have no idea which mask goes with which doll, so that's going to be another broody myssery to solve. Luckily there's only 9 and I've already tracked down 5 of them.

After unwrapping them and clearing a place, I just wanted to get them out of the box, so no individual pics at this point in time. If there's anybody you'd like to see more of, just let me know and I'll do a photoshoot since there's too many for me to choose from!

And now, Pics! )

So all I'm missing is the two from Series 5: Nix and Oscen and 4 of the limiteds: the Twins (which I can get for a pretty good price when the CC turns over), Solus and Praeses. If you guys see any of them, let me know, please! Since I'm so close at this point, I might as well try for them all, though I think the rest will be a bit difficult since the only one I've seen on ebay is Praeses.
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Oh, I love custom Vera even more than I thought now that I've had her outside and photographed her. The girl I bought her from did a fantastic job on the faceup. It looks better than some of the professional ones I have. And she made that dress herself!! The kimono, too! I got such a good deal on her. That wig she came with is blonde with streaks of really light lavender. She's just gorgeous all over. I wish I could come up with a name. I keep thinking of Amber or Topaz because of her eyes, but I don't really like those names...

Anyways, enough yapping, more pics! )
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...which means photo posts time! I'll try to spread them out though. ;) And they're all dolls (except for the occasional cat), of course, to warn those not interested since I'm too lazy to do actual filtering. And I apologize for: 1.) The horrible backgrounds. My front yard had lots of neighbors out and about and pretty much just dead grass and fence for bg, so I thought I'd try the back. 2.) The tilty-ness of most of these. I could not see the screen on the camera at all due to the sun glare, so I was pretty much taking pics blind and just hoping at least a few would turn out. >_>

Anyways, Poodle got her bf yesterday, so we'll start with them!


Lots of pics behind the cut! )

Alright, front yard pics will probably be coming this afternoon. They'll be filtered down from the flickr dump of a few days ago that I still need to go clean up.

Also, I'm willing to take requests if anyone has any. The more expensive dolls I own are listed in my user info page, but I have a few others that are seldom seen, too or other toys. I dunno, I feel like I pretty much just do outfit and glamour shots and it's been pretty bjd heavy, so if anyone wants to guide me, please do!
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The camera held out long enough at work for me to take some pics of...Gus. >_> Why can't I name my dolls?? Gah. Anyways, pics!!


"I can look just as cute as those Latis!"

More presh under the cut! )

And another asthetical plea for help!

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