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Oh man, you guys, I feel so wrecked today. I don't know if it's the travel finally catching up with me or what, but I had nightmares all through the night and my throat feels just horrible. Oh and coughing now, too. Yay. So yeah, don't quite feel up to convention coverage just yet. I wanted to check out the pics last night, but I fell asleep watching tv and then ended up just trying to get a song downloaded. Actually I got it pretty easily, it was just a million updates the computer had to do from being off for a week. I think the theme from Paranoia agent was the best thing about it. Actually the best thing about all of Satoshi Kon's anime is the music by Susumu Hirasawa. Though I'd still like to make a Paprika pullip someday. Oh yeah, I think I was just going to name Asuka Paprika...

Anyhow, since I didn't find too much to buy up in the AZ, I've got the antsiness in me to buy something now. Unfortunately, there's a lot of expensive vying for that. Wilde Imagination has a $15 off coupon good for the next few days, but the outfit I want is ONE DOLLAR short of the minimum. There are a few more dolls I want, so I had planned on getting the outfit with either or but that would pretty much max out my budget until the credit cards roll over. 

But then, yesterday, someone put up a Hina Ichigo dal for sale on LJ that would be $87 shipped which is about 20 under retail. She's one of the two Rozen Maidens I need, and it's a pretty good deal. *sigh* 

And, the Heroes action figures just came out. Toynk's sent an email that they have them for $70 plus like 12 shipping which is a little over 15 a piece which is just about retail. I was hoping to find them in AZ, but no go, so I don't know if they'll filter down here eventually. The Castlevania figures never did and I don't know if they'll be like PotC and Lost and be on clearance everywhere, or get all bought up and become expensive. I can't even find the freaking trading cards anywhere either!!

And this morning Hot Topic sends out an email with more clearance stuff and there's about $40 of stuff that I want there. I still need to go through and pare stuff down, like maybe lose one of the hoodies and decide on which pair of crazy goth boots ($10 cheaper than a pair of Ellowyne Wilde shoes, how wrong is that?), but I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering from there. $6 ground shipping though. :D

So, yeah... :/

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