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Gah, I've bought so many dolls in the last 24 hours it's not even funny! I shouldn't even have been looking at sales and now I'm buying dolls I never even cared about. But they're sooo discounted. Clearance is my mortal weakness. :(

So let's do a roundup. Mom got all into the Tonner Dreary dolls for some reason, so she went on DDE to get Agnes, but couldn't find Viktor(the brother), and so when I went looking I stumbled upon a sale and...yeah. Something unfortunate happened to my credit card.

They had not only the Agnes my mom just bought for $40 cheaper, but a different one exclusive to the store that looked a lot better. She'll pay me back for that, but I think half is going towards the Fancy Nancy doll since Target mysteriously took theirs away again. :/

I bought the Golden Compass Lyra doll since she was one third of her retail price and I don't have a 12" Tonner doll. Nice excuse, no? If she's fugs, she'll probably go to ebay though.

Also got some Merry Mood outfit since it's for 9" dolls which my Juku Couture dolls are, but if I'd known about the purchases I'd be making today I would've opted out of this one. -_-

And I've now become obsessed with Tonner's Kickits line. I brushed them aside before cause they retail $75-80, but apparently the 2ndary market for them is crap and they're considerably less on ebay. Also at this store, so I picked up the lion one cause even though she has the worst outfit, she's the only one without a demonic face and the red riding hood one cause she was sooo freaking cheap. So my Ellos will have younger siblings now. I think, depending on scale. :/

Now, cut to today. I get an email from the barbie site, letting me know their customer appreciation days are upon us. And I dutifully go to check these sales for today and tomorrow and OMFG, $4 a piece for the rhinstone ones! I'd been eyeing these for awhile, and thank the lord I passed them up at 10! So like, I can't pass that by!! I almost got the sequel Hello Kitty barbie, but she's got little HK, but lots of fug and at $16 not cheap enough. BUT they had the Alice in Wonderland dolls for $15 a piece, BUT still have the 10% sale going on if you buy 2 or more, making them $12 a piece!! So I bought them too. And like half a dozen of the gemstone ones. 3 cause they had the prettiest dresses, the diamond for mom, and the light and dark-skinned emeralds for me. So, since that first batch went on the Visa, this went on the Discover. *sheepish grin*

Oh, but while I'm going through the Barbie decisions, I check the dolly market, and lo, someone's selling Sage. I'm still mourning my lack of boys and he's only $75 shipping include and comes with partial stock and an fancy Ken outfit that is probably worth about $20. Which I already have so I can sell. Along with the partial stock since I already have his stock as well. Now I just need to gather up all the other doll crap I have lying around to sell so I can recoup some funds since I always think to myself I'm going to sell and then lame out and never do. -_- So Sage was paypaled straight from the bank account to help out the CCs. Man, all these financial gymnastics aren't good for the heart...

Oh yeah and I bought Mini Principessa for about $23. Which is more than I like to spend on minis, but she seems to be rarer one, and it puts me down to TWO left! If anyone sees Little R or mini Cornice for a good price, let me know, k? :D

Oh and I bought the complete collection of Saved by the Bell at Sam's since the boxsets were only $14 a piece...but now I have my reference material for when we make our own Hot Sundae video! Rock and a rollin', you ain't seen nothing yet!

So, I'll be putting off the other two Juku Couture girls for awhile and this girl that I've probably decided will be my next bjd:

Especially since I should probably be buying christmas presents soon, right? :/ Blarg. Oh well, at least Tatton's package arrives today and will hopefully be in better shape than my last Amazon box. Stupid UPS.

Oh! I read through Watchmen. It was actually really good. I'm already antsy for the movie though and it's 6 months away! Suck! I want it now!!

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