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Well, just got done watching Fox's animation season premieres. King of the Hill was very disappointed. I don't think I laughed once. It was really disjointed and everyone seemed to be acting totally OOC. Man, if that's what they chose to lead with, I worry about the rest of the season. They might have been better leaving it cancelled, but I'll hold on to hope.

Gave the Simpsons another try...and this season will go unwatched as well. The humor's just so unsubtle and not even funny. I was hoping for a neat Stephen Colbert cameo, but even his character was just shoehorned in, but since there was not any real story to begin with, I guess that doesn't matter. Still just Homer acting like a rageaholic moron with the other characters thrown in for 2 line afterthoughts. Yuk.

The big surprise for me was Family Guy. Since it's return, it's been rather hit and miss, but if the Star Wars premiere is any indication, it might be back on track. I just realized, is American Dad cancelled? Cause that might be the saving grace. I love the realistic dialogue in absurd situations. The couch was a nice running gag and I loved the Doctor Who shoutout. Really well done and had me laughing consistently. They should have just done that for the movie instead of those three crappy episodes. But I hear rumblings of another real one, so hopefully they'll just rip off another movie and do it this way since it works. The animation was stellar, too. The only thing that really fell flat for me was the Cleaveland/R2D2 black stereotype jokes. But otherwise, thorougly enjoyed.

Cold Case premiered as well and it's good to see Miguel Alvarez looking exactly as hot as he did on Oz. He doesn't look like he aged at all! Too bad his lines were so horrible. And I'm pretty tired of the traumatized cop coming back to work and not going to therapy and then getting all freaked out all over the cases while nobody does anything about it. At least Lily had the capacity to leave the interogation when she was having freaking hallucinations! And what was up with the killer reveal. WTF? No background on why he suddenly kills three kids at the drop of a hat and the wife stays with him?? That was exceedingly lame.

Going backwards in time to other premieres this week. US Kitchen Nightmares was a bit of a letdown. No where near as engrossing as the UK version. I'm holding off til next week in the hope that it was just that spraytan guido was such a douche that he took over the episode, but I swear they had better not give all of these assholes free kitchens. Part of the charm is Ramsey TEACHING these people how to fucking run the business they're wasting their money on and they either learn from it and succeed or don't and fail. Not this "hey you're a famewhore, here's free shit!" agenda. And since the guy next week is the one who sued him...I just don't know if it's going to be more of the american drama since our dumb brains can't handle people talking about business. But they should at least let Gordon narrate instead of that HK guy. He adds so much and he's so freaking brilliant and funny with it too!

Haven't watched Prison Break yet, I'll get back to you.

K-Ville premiered, but based on the preview I skipped it. 1.) Too many cop dramas already. 2) Anthony Anderson is a rapist and I don't support that shit. 3) The dialogue was fucking horrible. 

Despite looking forward to Kelsey Grammar, I saw the preview of Back to You and skipped it as well. I like him too much to just watch him act like a douche. And it seems Patty Heaton carried over her bitchy harpiness from ELR. Yay.

ANTM! Yay! Most of the bitches don't look too fug this year. But OMG what is with all the horrible personal info? Becoming a model to get over rape and molestation is sure as FUCK not the way to go! And Asberger's?? Really? *sigh* She sure as hell didn't seem ADD to me either and trust me, I know ADHD. She just seemed dumb and hunchbacked. And that one that was all bitchy cause she had the crap homelife. That's been played out every year now! 

News alert to reality people: Acting like an asshole is NOT keeping it real! It's just not exercising the self-control to keep your opinions to yourself! 

I'm watching Gossip Girl now, but only for the date rapist. I'm pretty sick of CW catering to all the teenage shit and replacing Veronica Mars with Marry a Farmer or whatever shit. What is wrong with networks??

Oh well, Heroes starts tomorrow! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sylar!!! *swoons* Eeeeeee!

Sorry. I melt everytime I see/hear/think of him. Really looking forward to MNIE and the Office premieres, as well. We'll see on Journeyman and Reaper. Oh and that Big Bang Theory looks like SHIT. Those are the same geek stereotypes fucking Saved by the Bell used guys! And fucking Kelly Cacao?? Maggot necked bimbo from Charmed?? Just no words, my friends, no words.

Alright, that's the scoop!

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