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Quell Surprise, but Robert actually agreed to join me tomorrow night for the release party and even wear the tail and ears, though he's still fighting me on the sleeveless shirt. I found body glitter and silver lip stuff, but not sure if I'll be able to dig up blood and teeth tomorrow. I kind of have some ideas of jackass things to say, but for those of you who have read Stephenie Meyers, any other ideas how I can dress inappropriately or say really stupid/wrong things that will get people riled up? We toyed with the idea of Robert wearing the sailor hat and then telling people that in our fanfiction we made Jacob gay or something. It's funnier when Robert "growls". Oh and he's going to "Transform" at midnight and run around the parking lot. Supposedly. I have the feeling he'll be too tired by then, but we'll see how late starbucks is open. I'm thinking of a Bella nametag and then something jerky underneath, like "I'm Bella! I fall down a lot!" Anyways, input is welcome! Oh crap, I need to remember the camera tomorrow too!

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