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Gamestop and Amazon finally agreed on a release date for Chrono Trigger and it's....November! The 24th, but I'm guessing that's the ship date and the release is the 25th (which I won't even get into that whole mess of retardation system...) Yes!! Wee, I'll have a nice long weekend to play it over and over again!! Squee! And it sounds like the PSX anime cut scenes will be included, as well as a new dungeon! One of the few games I'll drop an immediate $40 for, even though it doesn't look like there will be preorder bonuses. :(

And upon further reading of Rhapsody, they freaking took out the only actual gameplay element to it, so that one's off the must-buy list. -_- The original one was the only strategic-type rpg I would play and now they've just made it turned-based and apparently insanely easy TB at that. I actually liked maneuvering the puppets around so I have no effing idea what they were thinking with that. And the songs will only be Japanese with english subs which I haven't decided how I feel about that yet.

And thanks to the article [ profile] xarx  provided about Castlevania: Eccentricity of Vampires or whatever the hell the newest one is called, I'm actually looking forward to that now, but again no PO bonuses in sight so I'll probably wait on that one too. They went back to the gothic look of the characters as opposed to that horribly generic cutesy anime look they'd been going with and the added exploration and town-visiting sounds like it could be good additions. Dunno about that glyph system since I still haven't played DoS, but the sword combos sounds fun to play with.

Robert and I are both apprehensive about looking forward to Sonic Chronicles, the DS RPG game due out this month. While it was the potential to be good, with recent Sega releases, my money is on it being very very bad. Especially since the only sense of it I get from the screenshots is bland backgrounds and not actually doing anything. :/  And of course, it's the only one of the upcoming games with a preorder bonus. *insert eye roll*

Silent Hill 5 also comes out at the end of this month. Since [ profile] xarx has played all the other SHs for me at this point, I hate to break tradition, so I'm going to try to find a way up there the first weekend of Oct so I can be there for the inital playthrough. I love playing the helper and providing atmosphere by emitting a high-pitched keening throughout the gameplay. :D Unfortunately that coincides with fairtime and Barbara's annual leave, so I'm not sure on the logistics yet.

And speaking of the fair, choosing pictures to enter has been an even bigger pain in the ass than choosing doll contest photos. And since Tatton's been down with illness and my mom's not too keen on that stuff, it's been blargh. I'm getting them printed tonight and still have 4 or 5 categories that I have no idea what to enter.

Also, none of my recent 10 million purchases has actually sent a ship notice yet, which is highly aggravating me. Well, Principessa just did, but she's like the only thing I won't play with. Mom already got a ship notice for Viktor Dreary which she bought long after all my stuff. Grrr, I want stuff in hand before the economy melts and I won't be able to have luxuries anymore!!
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Well, the last post I think was just me being cranky from one of my sleep headaches and just happened to fall on val's so I was just pissed at everything as a whole. I did end up buying stuff that night...and the next night...and today. Yipes. Not to make myself feel better! They were actually really good deals! Well not the VGs, but the other suff!

So even though I felt crappy, I still went with Mom to Target since I had a 10% card burning a hole in my pocket and bought Twisted Metal: Head On for the PS2 and Karaoke Revolution: AI Encore for PS2 as well, since I had planned on buying them anyways.

Video game blather )

I slept a little bit thurs early thurs night since I knew an auction was ending at 11. And yay I won! It's a lot of Pinky St parts. Looks like complete sakura taisen and a few other pieces, but since I mainly just want to see what the fuss is about, I wasn't too concerned about choice. And someone did try to snipe me at the end, but haha, I was there too! Worked out to about $5 a pinky so I was cheered up after that.

More doll talk... )

Uh..and then Saturday night, I won another pinky on ebay. Single figure, but she's holding one of those cats I wanted, so I don't need to buy anymore...I think.

And today, I bought Alte even though I didn't plan on buying any more pullips until Cinna and Asuka in March. $65 fully stock including shipping though! I wanna give her blue eyes, maybe? She looks too much like Holly stock, but I guess I should leave one girl a brunette. I really dislike(hate tantus)the May releases, so I think unless JP ups their game, I'll just get a few of the older ones I want. Namely Nero, Nomado and Prunella. Maybe Sage.

Sorry to the friends who don't know what the hell I'm talking about in the last few paragraphs! If you want links or pics I'll happily provide them, but my guess is ya'll just glazed over and don't give a rat's ass! ;P

PS-This new Knight Rider is weirding me out and lead bitch is old and ugly.
Oh yeah, I also figured out after a season and a half that Torchwoord sucks. If any one shows up they're either going to make out with Jack, make out with female lead and die sadly. Every 5 eps, they'll make out with a different TW member. Seriously, isn't this what everyone makes fun of the first Star Trek for? And female lead is seriously unsympathetic trying to horndog on everyone while having a perfectly nice fiance at home. Hag.
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So I thought Silent Hill would be less scary on a handheld, but it's just as bad since I can't see a damn thing on it so the monsters always get the upper hand. And the controls being really godawful w/ no camera control doesn't help either. >:( And on top of that, the monsters can break your fucking weapons, so I'm pretty much just reduced to fighting everything with my fists. And if I try to walk past they come after me and if I run away they just dog me until I get cornered and then multiple ones gang up on me. And that's just with nurses and skinbags. The upcoming monsters sounded even more pain in the ass, so I don't know how far I'm going to get into this. Bastards.

UPDATE: Made it to the butchers! Upon finding out that it's using a SH3 system of supplying items even if you cock it up and waste them, I feel more carefree in using health drinks and busting up weapons. I think I'm gonna see the Butcher next, aka Pyramid Head v 1.0! Kyaaa!

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