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Yay, got all the dolls I was waiting for yesterday!


My new little Bobobie (the new one's in red). She looks so sad, but the price was right! She's got a real pointy nose and overbite though so I may try to sand that down a bit next time I'm messing with that stuff. I'm looking for a wig for her too, probably something more normal. I still need to get green fur for the fairy niblet, but at this point she's been bald so long, she might look weird *with* hair. Funny how they've both ended up with purple eyes.

Oh and I did manage to enter two of the DoA contests. The costume and the photo one, so if any of you are inclined, mine are the last two in each of them with the green-eyed brunette...hehe. I know I won't win (not even honorable mention in the puki one >_>) but at least I don't think I'm in the bottom either. IMO, though.

I got my Cherished Friends package too, with my 2 new Kickits. I was fixing to email them, but decided to give it a couple more days and then it showed up at dinner! Never got a ship notice or anything, but oh well. No pics of them, yet, but one was the Fao exclusive 200pieces that seemed to be disappearing so I'm glad I got her cheap and the last one too since she then vanished from the website, so I was getting worried that I had missed out.

And Mom is going to buy a big bobobie doll, so I offered to place the order since my tinies and semi-bigger tinies are in desperate need of shoes. I might buy either Isabella or one of the msds, too. I like Mei and she seems to come in limited quantities. Blarg, of course both have a Normal skin in stock so that means I can't narrow it down that way. I kinda want some badass dolls now too that I can punk up and make look evil. Oh yeah, my big boy doll needs some new eyes too, but I can't decide which color. Same for vampire girl...oh crap I still need to pay for NeoNoir too. I preordered Kaela pullip too, which I kind of regret, so I'm not so much into the pullips these days. I'm glad I didn't just impulsively do that anime set, though I might end up buying the butler guy after seeing owner's pics.

I finally watched a couple movies this weekend. I haven't watched movies in foreeeever. Danny got Iron Man for xmas, but I wasn't real impressed with it, but then I also wasn't paying close attention either. I finally watched Golden Compass too, which I LOVED only to find out the next 2 movies have been shelved. HELLA LAME!! It didn't even have a pseudo-ending! Don't make me read the books, guys! The talking animals were actually done really well, too. >_<

Gaming, I've been playing Rhapsody and Safari adventure picture taking on the Wii. It's fun to piss of nature and then run away like a wuss. I went to gamestop to try and partake of the buy2get1free and they are cleaned. out. Ditto for target on that bogo free imagine games thing. Mom was even going to buy Iron Chef on the ds and those were all gone too!! She's suddenly back on the Schleich wagon too, so I'm working on updating my database to see what animals I need to blow some money on. Target's clearancing out some, so I picked up the last Ibex and hoping more drop lower. (Schleich makes these realistic animals and now faeries and soldiers and stuff too. Some of the animals even*cough*)

I had forgotten that they had those Christmas peek-a-boo petites at Wal-mart so we didn't go on Friday night and they were long gone yesterday. Though they might've been before Christmas I'm still bummed I may have missed them on clearance. I did find...Taka from Tokyo though! Only one so I grabbed her, since I didn't know if I'd ever see her again. My grandma sent a giftcard so it was justified. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know that I spent it on a tiny $6 doll. *^^

Oh and in case you need some cuteness to get you to New Year's, here's the catfam all piled up on my bed!


From Left to Right around the back: Chiblet, Mr. Sad Eyes, Little Gray, Sita and Mama Sasha's in the middle. Aw!!
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I've got the idea for my first children's book!

Okay, so for those of you that don't work in a library, the majority of children's books out there are HORRIBLE. Shit illustrations, warped themes, zero writing and subject matter that's worse than anything Daddy's Roomate threw at kids. But no one seems to really sit down and realize what's in these books, so I've been pushing my friends to write a book with me since apparently they'll publish anything. I told Robert my idea and he gave me a BSC look, so let's see what everyone else thinks! :D 

The title is Mama Sasha and Her Time-Travelling Tip Tail

"Mama Sasha is a very lazy cat, but hijinx abounded when she had six crazy kittens! Normally, she doesn't do much, but when she swishes her tip tail, she can travel through time!"

Okay, so to summarize, Mama Sasha travels back in time to when she got knocked up to prevent her from getting knocked up in the first place. She then returns to the present day, free of kittens and able to relax all day.

*cut to Story Time with the kids*

Random Kid: ....are her kittens dead?

Me: No, of course not! They just exist in a parallel universe now. You see, when Mama Sasha altered the course of her history, she created a new timeline in which the kittens don't exist!

*Kids start crying*

Me: What?? They're still out there in the space-time continuum!

Join us for our next adventure in the book Sasha and Her Time-Travelling Tip Tail!
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Man, I'm exhausted again. Damn work(see coworkers). *sigh*

I found out that there's a Poker Run this weekend though. Time to fire up the Geo Prizm to ride with the Harleys! Yah, Geo Prizm! Whoa! It's been Xarx, me and my brother the past few times, but since [ profile] xarx had to go quell the zombie uprising in New Socorro, it'll be Mom, Danny and me, with me as navigator and mom driving. So long as I get to drive around and listen to music though, I'm fine. Oh wait, I just realized we'll be driving in the Honda Accord. Not as embarassing as my car. :(

Okay, so this morning as I'm getting ready )

The boss is away this week, though, and you know what that party!

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