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8. What's in Your Handbag?

A crapton of cards, coupons, receipts
Ipod plastic screen cover
Ipod Touch
4Gen Ipod Video
My wad of keys
Orange Tic-tacs
My stars/moons black wallet
My cute teal kitty card holder (Thanks [ profile] sakana_hime!)
Silver Sharpie
A couple lipsticks
some lipgloss
Saltines and butter crackers
Car insurance info
An assortment of pens
Probably some loose change in the bottom as well as floating bills
Usually my cellphone, but I left it on the charger at home
And the 3DS when I'm out shopping.

Sadly, it's not even that big of a purse. ¬_¬

(Sept 16th)
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Oops, got behind cause the weekend was buuuusy. And I hate typing on the laptop.

So! You get a boring answer to this one since I'm stuck at work.

6. Your 5 Senses Right Now
(correction: Boring and Weird)

1. Taste: My focus blend coffee
2. Sound: Patrons typing on the internet computers as well as my own (surprisingly quiet in the library)
3. Sight: This...screen? I guess the rows of reference books behind it are a better answer.
4. Feel: The keyboard keys. Kinda muggy and gross right now since it's actually been raining and half our a/c is out. -_-
5. Smell: I...don't really smell anything. I will definitely take that over the awful smells I usually have when I'm on desk talking to patrons.

(Sept 14th)
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5. 10 Songs you love right now
1. "The Two of Us" -Sophie Park
2. "I Love It" - Icona Pop
3. "Feel So Close" - Calvin Harris
4. "Die Young" Kesha
5. "Earthquake" Labrinth
6. "9AM Song" Animal Crossing New Leaf
7. "Sexy People (The Fiat Song)"-Arianna & Pitbull
8. "Neon Lights"-Natasha Bedingfield
9. "Everlasting Love"- Leah Dixon
10. "Same Love"-Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
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3. Your Favorite Quote

Eh, that's a hard one, since I don't keep too many of those on hand. I liked the Animaniacs "if at first you don't succeed, blame it on your parents" and likewise Homer's "If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing!" and Bart's follow-up "Can't win, don't try, got it." But I guess if we're going life philosophy then Cesar Millan's "God doesn't give you the dog you want, he gives you the dog you need" which is probably adapted from "things", which is what I go with, but I'd rather attribute it to him, since he's my spiritual advisor and everything. That is usually how I keep on an even keel is by believing that the universe knows it's doing and I should just go with the flow and it works out.

Although my current favorite is taken from Batman TAS of "If you keep playing're gonna get fried." Which we then apply to EVERYTHING for lulz.
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I managed to trap the pregnant feral mama cat and she is with my beloved vet's office and will be spayed leaving just her sister cat and her last kitten (male so not as big a concern). Aaaah, I will be so happy to not have to worry about the cats so much anymore!
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Cross-posting this from Facebook in case others here are interested! I was doing good at resisting until they added him. ;_;

I try not to push my Scentsy stuff on people, but they are having a REALLY good sale!! The large Scentsy Buddies are Buy One Get One Free! These are adorable stuffed animals that come with a Scent Pak that you can put inside for display or cuddling. They make GREAT gifts with the holidays coming up and any expecting arrivals for friends and family. Here's the page for more information:

But what I'm really excited about is that Pooki the Polar Bear is now available as part of this offer in place of Wellington the Duck. They are $25, so with the BOGO that's just $12.50 a piece! A Scent Pak alone is $7 so this is a great deal. They've been changing what's included, so if you're interested, I would order soon before they change it again. Here's my website to order from. ;)


Oct. 14th, 2012 03:39 pm
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It's Fuk-u bag time again!

Even though I haven't messed with my BJDs in awhile, I would like to pull them back out soon and they could always use new outfits. Plus, my ever-loving weakness for all things grab bags. Shipping from Dollheart themselves is insane this year though, so I'm hoping a domestic agent makes them available since the ebay seller hasn't gotten back to me if shipping would be cheaper that route. >_< Surprises!! Yay!

Scratch that: DDE has them now! Argh, CC cycles over in a few days. Not sure...I can wait...
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Okay, so apparently they're doing some giant balloon skydiving space launch thing in town today. Why do I not know anything about this and I live here?! And also WTF is the point?
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Also, my hair is apparently mesmerizing since I was helping a lady with her Kindle and she said "I have to tell you how much I love your hair. I'm sorry, I just keep staring at it and not your face when you talk!" Hee!

Also also, not looking forward to the dentist tomorrow. Boo.
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Aaaaaand, just got my hopes up that a game I really wanted was only $4.99 at Best Buy, only to notice it says "Not available for shipping" even though it lets you add it to a cart and it's apparently in-store only. I don't have a Best Buy within 200 miles!! Jeeeeeeerks!!
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Waiting for my life to stop sucking, please...
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Supposedly, A/C is working now and he just replaced the pump for ~$150. I'll take it!!
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Does anyone need the male CAM set? It showed up at Target, but I lucked out and snagged one in Alb. I won't be able to get back until lunch tomorrow so it *may* be gone already, but I'll be happy to grab if not!
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Between safety trainings and desk time, I have no hope of getting everything on my to-do list done before going on vacation next week. :(

Oh yeah and the eye spasm is back, worse than ever. *twitch*


May. 15th, 2012 08:37 pm
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New Hearts 4 Hearts are finally coming next month!

I can't wait for Mosi and Rue! Those purple eyes! I love these dolls so much, I keep checking the aisle anyway. Yay, something to look forward to!


Apr. 30th, 2012 03:21 pm
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I'm glad I waited! Nintendo's releasing a purple 3DS in May! SOLD!!
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For those who missed my Facebook post, here is my website to purchase from:

And in shameless plugs, you still have time to order for Mother's Day  and these would make great gifts! There's one more day to buy the Premium Mother's Day warmer for 10% off:
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So. Hundred Things Challenge.
I too, would like to participate in this,
since my posting rate is very sad these days.
Of course, just need to pick a topic or two, now. Hrm.

I started brainstorming a list:

100 Cool Things I've collected over the years (picture-happy)
100 Random Memories I have
100 Things I dwell on
100 Things I like/make me happy
100 words i've made up
100 ways working in a library wasn't all it was cracked up to be
100 things I should probably say to a therapist, but won't
100 things that make me think things might actually be alright
100 reasons I love my cats
100 things that make me cry
100 things I admire in other people
100 things I want to change in my life
100 tv episodes/shows, movies, songs or books I deeply love
100 quotes I like to use

I was planning to do a photo series of dolls anyways,
so that could kill two birds with one stone.
Won't get my light tent until my birthday, though.
A/C's set to be fixed tomorrow, so once that stressor's off my mind,
hopefully I can decide on something!
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Is it wrong how much I kind of love the UK music video from tonight's ANTM and have watched it multiple times? ...yeah, I thought so.
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I was looking through old emails for...some reason. When I came across a comment I made to someone about buying a Taeyang for $30 shipped from Australia and not knowing if I'd actually receive it. I tracked down the Livejournal post and paypal transaction, but for the life of me, I don't remember getting the doll, but I don't remember being ripped off, either. There's nothing in the LJ post that I received him or didn't and same for the other people who purchased from that sale. It was 2 years ago, too. Arrrgh....this is going to drive me crazy until I can get home.

ETA: Tonner's got a Factory Sale going on. I picked up Super Girl for $25!! I just need to find clothes for her and Arwen now. Wonder if Ellowyne would fit...?

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