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Yup, Sasha had her first kitten at approx. 8:30 this morning! And they just keep coming! O_o She's a small cat, but she's had six so far throughout the day and it feels like one or two more are still in there!! I was hoping the white flame-point cat was the father, but it looks like that's not the case. :( They're coming out gray tabbies, some stripier than others, with white faces. I hope they change to look more like her since she's like a siamese without all the noise. One has her white-tip-tail though! So cute! They're all mewling and being darling! She tried to have them on the bed throughout the night, but luckily didn't succeed! So now she's under my dresser and since I didn't realize it was finally time, I didn't get a towel under there and now have a lovely nast stain on my carpet. I guess I'll be leaving the dresser there after all. *-_- I'll try and post pictures when I can get some decent ones. Hopefully she'll get the rest out tonight!!

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