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Gah, why is it when I want to save money, everything awesome shows up? I was only going to stick with the Folklore Momoko I have and the one mom's getting (I'm not even sure which model she is, but I reeaaallly want the military one.


Gah, red hair and militant ensemble, she is just too awesome. I only bought Folklore cause she was cheap and I wanted to see how Momos were in real life and personally I think they're pretty overpriced. Don't get me wrong, I really like them and would love to own more, but the similarities in the faces just don't seem worth it to me to spend several hundred dollars on owning more than one. But this one...*sigh*

At least I'm getting Purple Rain Ellowyne Wilde for my birthday.

FAO said they were down to 15 out of a 350LE run, so I bartered with Mom that she would pay half for my birthday and I would pay the other half. I really didn't want to be spending money this month in anticipation of the trip to Arizona, but nooo. At least with PR I was able to give my mom some video games I had bought and they actually ended up selling for about $47 a piece (I only paid 20-30 for them). Even with stupid Amazon fees it was enough. I hope that Military Momoko's not a limited edition, but she's not even showing up on the main site, so I dunno. I guess I should investigate further, but I really don't want to tempt myself. So I'll just hope that someone at the con has Momokos on the vendor floor. ^_^

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