Mar. 2nd, 2012

zallia: (Anime Me)
I've now got Hunger Games nails to go with my Hunger Games hair! I was just going to peruse it in stores, but once Deanne started getting all excited about it, I of course, had to follow.

(Love that site name, btw) So glad I went last night because apparently even in our small, not-so-well-read-or-up-on-trends town, people had already been asking at Sally's about them and two colors were gone when I got there. But I managed to snag the two Deanne wanted (one of which that I also want, Stone Cold, which I will have to track down a bottle for myself) and Riveting and Smoke & Ashes for me. I've never actually worn black nail polish outside of Halloween, so I thought I'd have a go of it. I don't see as much of the green and blue sparkles in it as I had hoped, so it's something I would have passed on with a do-over. But the Riveting, I'm not even a fan of orange, but man, I am sold on this color. Lots of brightness and lovely sparkles. Now I just need to grow them out because my poor no-nails do not do them justice. Plus I want to try magnetic polish!

And I think I meant to post about the hair, because it turned into a 3-4 hour saga, but it's red with black on the ends so that it looks burned up. Girl on fire and all that. :) I'm not like a supernerd about the books, but enough of a fan that I'm jazzed up for the movie and stuff surrounding it.

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