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I guess I'll start at the beginning. Goodwill put out this weird ass plush thing that took batteries and when it went to half price I got it cause it was creepy and gave it Robert. We looked it up online and wikipedia id'ed it as a "Wuv Luv" a furby knockoff in the 90s that would lay an egg and have a baby it would communicate with. Oh, I should mention that I also bought it because one of the switches on the bottom said "Rebirth". But it was missing the egg!
Well, lo and behold, a few weeks later another one turned up and had an egg! I waited til it was half off cause i knew no one would want it in the meantime and put in fresh batteries when Robert came over so we could go through the birthing process. This is that on the picture for the rest of it! Oh, I should add that the photos are in order under the Nerd Fun set, but out of order on the main page. Like this story really needs chronological accuracy.

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