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I can't believe even with high-speed dsl, I still lose connection when it rains. It's been up and down for the last 5 days, mostly down and it hasn't even rained that much. Of course this is with about 3 or 4 different transactions going on..

Anyhow, for those of you who haven't memorized my dolls :O, lol just kidding I was in a hurry last time, here's the doll I ordered:

If you have a slow connection you can check her out here:

I really like a lot of their other molds and I'd like 1/4 Leira at some point in time. Maybe one of the guys just cause they have such cool outfits...
I ended up getting this outfit for her:

I like the dresses more, but for half the price I got something with shoes as well. I really don't understand why none of the bjd clothing sets ever include shoes. It's really annoying. >_< As is gmail being a butt and giving me error messages so that I can't even pay for my doll...gah.

Oh and I'm about halfway through Breaking Dawn. And if any of you have read the other books, DON'T READ THIS ONE. Seriously, you'll be waaay better off just writing the ending in your head. And if you must know, just ask me and I'll give you the horrible plot points so that you don't waste your time with this and you can count them off as non-canon crap that came from When I got to the end of the second "chapter" last night I was so pissed I couldn't even sleep. And I wasn't even that invested in it in the first place. >:O

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Aug. 7th, 2008 08:43 am
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Well, I didn't win Kathleen last night. She only went for $136, which is about half her going rate, but still more than I wanted to spend. So I'll just be patient. Hopefully I can get Minuk soon and the books and that will keep me content. Now I can go forward with buying Tessa though if I can ever figure out all the accessories I'm going to purchase from DD as well. I had to start a chart to know what everyone's wig/shoe sizes are and I only have 3!!

Ack, and they're doing Taeyang Quarterly again. I haven't even taken pics in ages, much less elaborately staged ones. Blarg, guess I'll go to target this weekend and get a decent lamp setup so at least I can do more indoor ones. I want to enter someone different, but I don't know who since Sirin's my goto guy. I like Butler, but dont' want to remove his stock and don't have any other vampire pieces. Cav's hair is too delicate and I think that just leaves broken-armed MJ(I don't even have extra boy wigs ;_;) and Another King. Who's still in his stock cause I'm terrified of jacking him up, but he's probably the one I'll go with if I do enter. I have a sad lack of boys even though I really like them. :/

Oh, I'm getting a Coco though! I had seen them around, but wasn't interested, but this one girl put hers up for sale on TIB and the pictures just blew me away! I totally fell in love! So I PMed right away and was in pins and needles for a couple hours and then she wrote back that she was already taken!! >_< I knew I started looking around and there was a few on ebay, but from mimiwoo, wildhly and SDJ so godawful hong kong shipping and not the same one this lady had. So I put out a few WTBs, one hit but someone in Australia who reneged, but then the first lady PMed me and said the buyer had back out so YAY!!! I get the one I love!

She should be shipping Jane by Friday and I can't wait! She's even sending the glasses too. Gah, but now I'll have more dolls to buy, cause I want the one in the poker dress too! But I'm pretty sure they have the same bodies as Momokos and they're like half the price and I don't see them pop up too often so hopefull it won't be too bad. I even searched like 10 pages of Google and couldnt' find any other vendors for them. Poor Cocos. :?

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