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Apparently winter in New Mexico consists of Summer, summer, summer, Hurricane, summer again. Seriously, we were in Penny's and I'm still in a tshirt cause it's sunny and hot today and then we come out and it's freaking 50mph winds and then out of each consecutive store, added rain, cold and other stuff until suddenly it's fine out again. Didn't even need a jacket when I got off work at 9pm. Crazyass desert.

Oh, Christmas cards!! Who wants? Might as well try to do those this year, since everyone else seems to be and if I add in my cybernetic friends I'll actually have enough on a list to make it worthwhile! Just leave a comment and I'll contact you to get an address if I don't have one already! And if I don't know you that well, that's okay too. I know I didn't respond to several calls since I felt bad since I don't talk to a lot of you outside of LJ, so if that's holding you back, dont' worry about it, cause I really don't have many to send to, so it will be making it worth my while if I have a batch of them to do. ;)

Anyhow, slowly getting Christmas shopping knocked out. I was hoping to get Robert a couple of the games he wanted, but they're still kinda pricey, so it looks like probably just one unless I can find good deals on ebay. I now have a price limit for Naomi so I'll start seriously looking for her. Mom's got 2 books on the way and the hardest one-my dad, is actually all bought for. Green Chile beer, Johnny cash cd and a signed Star Trek book. Oh, I bought Mom that Irish barbie too. Even though TRU pissed me off, the $25 coupon was too good a deal, so I bought her that and the two exclusive Heroes figures since they were on clearance and it got me to just about fifty even. I need to order her some knitting stuff now too. Possibly for my secret santa as well since I'd like to get her something cool and not just a gift basket from Sam's.

Do you know what sucks? BBCAmerica was advertising a new season of Kitchen Nightmares, but they're just showing the american ones!! WTF!! That's not a new season! It's not like it's even real BBC and new to the UK or something! False advertising!!

I'm trying reaaaally hard not to buy PukiPongPong until at least the New Year. I need to pay off NeoNoir before the 5th too. I'm not too happy with how the new bodies look, but hopefully I'll be surprised. She may be display-only anyways, I'm not too sure yet. Bah, I also want all those new ones from that one anime series with the butler guy. So that will be $300 in March?, so I don't think I'll be getting PukiChiChi unless I get nice tax money back or something. Oh, some Albuquerque Journal lady PMed me asking questions about BJDs to do a newspaper article on doll collectors in NM. I'll have to get back to her since her story actually checks out.

Model_me_pullip's starting up a Christmas contest...I'm debating if I should try again, just not even worry about it, or possibly be a judge instead...decisions, decisions...

I really want to enter the contests on DoA, but I'm running out of time. The Puki one is due the 14th and I still have no idea of a concept and will have to cross-dress him in kelly clothes. At least mom is working on wigs for him tonight, so he won't be a little baldy. There's a face painting one too and I have a blank sleeping face but I have no idea how to make it "wintery". At least the costume isn't until the 26th, but that will be mom's arena. And a generic winter photo on the 19th too, which I'd love to do, but unfortunately, all my bjd dolls are severely lacking in the warddrobe department. They're giving out heads as prizes though, so hell it's at least worth trying.

I took a few new pics of the bjd family since my boydoll has arrived!


He still needs proper attire though, so no real photoshoot til then. Stupid dollheart not sending grabbags...oh, I've got a bunch of Tessa too, but I'll mess with those later.


Mr. Kanoa. Needs a name and for some reason Adam keeps popping in my head. But I want to give him a fur wig and brighter colored eyes, so he may look different in weeks to come...and yes I am a nutbar since I positioned them that way because they're going to be a couple but they need to get to know each other first. Shut up. :P


My first and most likely only, white skin doll. I really don't understand why that appeals to people because it just makes them look bloodless. She is therefore, my cute little vamp. I'll put teeth on her once I bust out the paint again. Unfortunately, she's been freaking me out at night cause her eyes reflect all black and she looks like those possessed people on TV as she stares at me. So she may be getting new eyes as well.


Bipolar elf...may actually have found the perfect wig and will no longer be bipolar! We'll see what outfit she gets in the fukubag though and see if that changes, lol.


Aaand the niblets. ChuChu Nezzbi's sporting the shirtless look since everything else I have was girl clothes. Mom actually made him some wigs tonight though, so next time he won't be bald!! I love him so much with his angry little face. I can't wait to get some more of them. If Mom can track down some green fur, then Niblet will finally get some hair too!!

Date: 2008-12-09 07:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
YAY dolly pics!!!

my only white skinned doll is my hujoo, it sort of goes with her creepy face. Otherwise I'm also not a fan generally.

I want to send you one of my soooooper cute cards, lets trade addreses!!!!

Date: 2008-12-09 08:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know, I'm so bad about taking pics!

I still need to find supercute, weird and/or hilarious cards!

Date: 2008-12-09 03:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Card! Card! Card!

*resumes dolly admiration*

Date: 2008-12-09 11:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Date: 2008-12-10 05:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Get to know each other?
Another step closer to doll petterism!

P.S. Yes I'd like a card. Yours is in the mail. ^_^

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